Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone! May you have a safe and wonderful Christmas!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Brook Elementary School

There are not many words right now, just a ton of tears....

Sending out many prayers and thoughts to the families involved in the the Sandy Hook Elementary School (Newtown, CT) shootings today, 26 children and adults were gunned down. My heart goes out to those poor children that were shot and their loved ones and to the Principal, teachers and administrative who were heroes to those sweet children. 

When Nathan got off the bus today, I gave him the biggest hug ever!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Always Late!!

We are always late for events, whether we go visit family, go to a parade, go to the beach, a birthday party...anywhere. I use to think it was just me but now I am blaming the fact that I am always packing or making some kind of food/drink before we leave the house.
  • We went to visit family for Thanksgiving and I needed to pack up some food for Nathan. He could eat the turkey and corn at my parents house but he still needed his bread, a side item (rice) and his dessert. 
  • We went to a Christmas parade and I had to make and pack up soy hot chocolate, we know most all pre-made hot chocolates have milk in them.
  • Nathan went to a birthday party, I needed to pack a hot dog and some chips. After all there was no way he could eat pizza.
These are just a few examples, I am sure there are many more!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Snot Your Average Wipe!

As a mom to an allergy child we all know that runny noses come with allergies. That is why I am doing a review for Boogie Wipes. These are not (or snot) your average wipe, they are a super soft wipe with  a lightly scented saline. I know Nathan's favorite is the Grape.

Boogie Wipes can be found at many area retailers such as: Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Walgreens and more. You can also order Boogie Wipes online at Drugstore.com, Amazon and Diapers.com

I am paid or compensated for my product reviews but has no impact on my review. My product reviews are my honest opinion and are not influenced by any payment or free products.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

USA TODAY Story on Food Allergies

USA TODAY has a story on the rise of Food Allergies among children and the chances of a child outgrowing them. Children outgrowing allergies depends on which type of food, when your child was diagnosed and how severe the allergy is.  Read the story here.

We are waiting for the day Nathan outgrows his allergies but they are severe. When Nathan was younger the Allergist would tell us that us that he would grow out of them when he was five or six. Well, he is six and then seem to have gotten worse, not better. Now we are just praying that he can out grow them when he is ten. I am not asking for him to grow out of all of them (three would be good) but trying to avoid four foods is hard. He will ask me when he can eat more foods and it just breaks my heart.

All we can do is hope.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flu Vaccine with Egg Allergy

Recent news from the CDC regarding vaccinating people with egg allergies:

From the CDC

Vaccination of People with Egg Allergy

For the 2012-2013 season, there is a more permissive influenza vaccination recommendation for persons with egg allergies. Based on a thorough review of several recent studies, administration of both full doses and split doses of TIV have been tolerated by people with egg allergies, without serious reactions. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends that for the 2012-2013 influenza season, people who have experienced only hives from consuming eggs can receive TIV intramuscularly as long as they are treated by a health care provider who is familiar with the potential manifestations of egg allergies and can be observed by a health care professional for at least 30 minutes after receiving each dose. The 2012 ACIP recommendations has an algorithm to help guide clinician decision-making regarding vaccination of people with egg allergy. Additional information about vaccinating people with egg allergy is available in the 2012 ACIP recommendations. LAIV should not be used in these patients.

I have known this all along, my son (who has a severe food allergy to eggs) have been receiving the flu vaccine since he was 6 months old with no complications. 
We would go to the allergist to get him vaccinated and my son would need to get part of the vaccine, then we wait and wait. Then we would get another dose and we would wait and wait. Year after year we did those - small doses at a time - up until 2 years ago when I told the clinic he never had a complication or reaction so please go ahead and give him the entire dose at once. 
Now of course I would never want my son to be unsafe at any time and I glad we did it the way we did the first time but I started to wonder why the CDC would recommend egg allergy suffers not to get the vaccine at all or receive it in small doses.
I am not saying/debating that you should or should not get the flu vaccine, I just always believed that it helped and we all know cold and flu season is not fun and I will take any help I can....to avoid it.


I am not a doctor or qualified to give medical advice. I am a mom sharing my personal experiences and tips on how I manage my son's Food Allergies and Asthma.

Please check with your Doctor before trying any new diets.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Food Allergy Translation Cards

I  heard about  the website Brokerfish, that offers Free Allergy Translation Cards. You can just download the cards in any of the 8 allergies and in 6 different languages. This is a great resource for traveling with food allergies.

Go to Brokerfish to download yours.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Treats

It is close to Halloween and I wanted to make some festive treats that Nathan could eat, so I came up with a few yummy treats.

All these treats are made free of Dairy, Eggs, Wheat and Nuts.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review: Peanut Free Cupcakes

I had the opportunity to review Peanut-Free cupcakes that were purchased from the bakery at Walmart.  These cupcakes are made at Maplehurst Bakery in NH,  which is a dedicated Peanut Free facility.  

Just look for the "Made in a Peanut-Free Facility" logo on the package and you can feel safe that there are no traces of peanuts in your cupcakes. 

Maplehurst tests for the presence of peanuts and peanut products in the Manchester facility. However, due to the lack of accurate and reliable testing methods for detecting the presence of all tree nuts, Maplehurst cannot and therefore does not make the claim that its products are “tree nut-free.”

The cupcakes were so moist and delicious!! They came in many different decorated colors  and you can choose between chocolate and vanilla. The cupcakes can be purchased in 12-count mini cupcakes or 6-count of regular size cupcakes. 

Maplehurst Bakeries sells its peanut-free cupcakes to retailers nationwide. Look for the cupcakes at your local grocery store.

·         ACME Foods Pennsylvania
·         Albertsons
·         BI-LO
·         Farm Fresh
·         Giant of Carlisle
·         Giant of Maryland
·         Jewel-Osco
·         Kroger
·         Lowe’s
·         Market Basket
·         Marsh
·         Shoppers Food Warehouse
·         ShopRite
·         Smith’s
·         Stop & Shop
·         Tops
·         Walmart
·         Weis

To ensure that you’re purchasing the right products, look for the wrap-around label, the peanut-free logo or the statement “Made in a peanut-free facility.”

Disclosure: I received a complimentary samples. The review is my own opinion of the product.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


We went to a parking lot by our house today that has a bunch of emergency vehicles on display, for families to see and talk to all the Firemen/EMT's. They have a fake car accident and then you get to watch the firemen pull the car apart with the jaws of life. It is neat to see when it is not real and no one is hurt.

When we came up to an ambulance, Nathan went inside and the EMT asked Nathan if he had any questions. Nathan said "no" and I said that Nathan has been in an ambulance before. The EMT looked very curious and interested, so I elaborated that Nathan has serve food allergies and that one time he was in an ambulance because of a food allergy reaction. He asked if we carry an Epi Pen and I said "of course, all the time!!" He told me that it is becoming more common and they see a lot of allergic reactions - not good. Talking to him reassured me that they are trained so if we needed them they were aware of treating allergic reactions. All I have to say is......hopefully we will never need them.

Marshmallow Popcorn

As the weather gets cooler, I spend more time on Pinterest and in the kitchen. 

While browsing Pinterest, I found a recipe for Marshmallow Popcorn and when I looked at the ingredients, I thought that I could make something very similar but safe for Nathan to eat.

I popped some popcorn in oil, then in a separate pan on the stove I added a 1/2 cup of non-dairy margarine, a 1/2 cup of brown sugar and about 9-10 marshmallows and melted it. Then pour over popcorn.

Since popcorn isn't Nathan's favorite so I added some Corn Chex®, some Snyders Gluten Free Pretzels and some fall colored sprinkles. It turned out so good, the whole family ate it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Julie Bowen from the TV show: Modern Family

“Modern Family” Star Julie Bowen Joins Mylan Specialty L.P. to Launch Health Awareness Initiative to Address Growing Rate of Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions

Get Schooled In Anaphylaxis™ Campaign Kicks Off with College Scholarship Challenge

Basking Ridge, NJ, September 26, 2012 –Emmy-award winning actress Julie Bowen, known for her comedic role in “Modern Family,” is for the first time publicly sharing her family’s experience with life-threatening allergies to help drive a national conversation on this serious health issue. Bowen is partnering with Mylan Specialty L.P. to launch Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis™, a multi-faceted public health initiative that aims to increase awareness of and preparedness for life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis).
The campaign’s first priority will be to focus on educating the school community. Sending children to school can be a great source of anxiety for parents of children who may be at risk for life-threatening allergic reactions because the children are out of their parents' direct care and supervision. In addition, recent tragedies involving school-aged children have highlighted the need to further educate teachers, school staff and students about anaphylaxis.
“Like most kids, my son spends 180 days in school each year and I need to know that the people he is with every day know the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and what to do if it occurs,” said Bowen, who had no idea her son had life-threatening allergies to peanuts, walnuts and bee stings until he experienced an anaphylactic reaction when he was a toddler. “Fortunately, my son received immediate medical care and recovered quickly, but it was a wake-up call that anaphylaxis can occur anywhere and at any time, even when you may not think your child is at risk.”
Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that has many possible triggers, may occur quickly and without warning, and must be treated immediately with epinephrine. Avoidance of allergic triggers is the critical first step in managing life-threatening allergies. However, allergens are not always obvious and accidental exposure may still happen.
To get the school community involved, Bowen is calling on students nationwide to join the Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis Challenge™. Students in grades 1-12 are encouraged to visit www.Anaphylaxis101.com and submit an essay describing an idea to help their school become more aware of and better prepared to support students who may be at risk for life-threatening allergic reactions. Fifteen students from across the country will be selected by a judging panel to win a $2,000 college scholarship.
“My son is only five, but he has already started to take responsibility for his life-threatening allergies and become his own advocate,” said Bowen, who will star in a public service announcement (PSA) about anaphylaxis. “Through the Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis Challenge, students across the country will have the opportunity to educate their peers and help everyone be more aware of life-threatening allergies.”
Food allergy is the most common cause of anaphylaxis, though it can also be triggered by insect stings, medications, latex or other allergens. It is estimated that one in 13 children in the U.S. suffer from a food allergy and a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that the incidence increased 18 percent from 1997 to 2007. Up to 1,500 deaths each year are caused by life-threatening allergic reactions.
“Anaphylaxis is a significant public health issue in our nation’s schools, where accidental exposures to allergens may occur,” Hemant Sharma, M.D., associate chief of the Division of Allergy and Immunology at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. “We need to make sure everyone responsible for the safety of children in schools knows how to identify and avoid allergic triggers, recognize anaphylaxis signs and symptoms, and understand how to quickly get appropriate treatment and immediate medical care when a life-threatening allergic reaction occurs.”

Get Schooled In Anaphylaxis Challenge™ Entry Information

The Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis Challenge™ encourages school-aged children in grades 1-12 to write a brief essay and submit up to two visual images. Submissions should explain an idea to:
• Improve awareness of life-threatening allergies in schools;
• Help students who may be at risk for life-threatening allergic reactions feel more accepted in their school; or
• Provide a unique solution to a challenge faced by students who may be at risk for anaphylaxis.
Each entry will be evaluated by a judging panel including family caregivers, doctors, school nurses, advocacy groups and others in the allergy community. Winners will be selected based on creativity and originality of the idea, the clarity of the proposed solution and the potential for implementation of the idea.
Essays can be submitted from September 26, 2012 to November 9, 2012.
For more information visit www.Anaphylaxis101.com.

Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis

The Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis™ initiative offers practical information to educate the school community to help those at risk for life-threatening allergic reactions avoid their triggers, recognize anaphylaxis signs and symptoms and understand how to quickly get appropriate treatment and immediate medical care when anaphylaxis occurs. Visit www.Anaphylaxis101.com to explore how anaphylaxis can affect the entire school community and learn more about life-threatening allergic reactions. You can also download practical tools, learn more about Julie Bowen’s family story and watch a PSA featuring the actress, and sign up to receive news about campaign activities and events.

More About Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that can occur when the body is exposed to an allergen. Symptoms may include trouble breathing, chest pain, skin hives or redness of the skin, tightness in the throat, swelling of the lips and/or tongue, nausea, dizziness, a decrease in blood pressure, and/or fainting. Anaphylaxis symptoms may progress rapidly and become life-threatening, requiring prompt recognition and treatment initiation. While avoidance of allergic triggers is the critical first step in managing life-threatening allergies, allergens are not always obvious, and accidental exposure may still happen. Food allergy guidelines developed by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), recommend epinephrine as the only first-line treatment for anaphylaxis management and that it be available at all times to those at risk for anaphylaxis. If experiencing anaphylaxis, a person should use an epinephrine auto-injector and seek immediate emergency medical attention. Delays in instituting therapy with epinephrine are associated with risks of death and morbidity.

About Mylan Specialty

Mylan Specialty, a subsidiary of Mylan Inc. (Nasdaq: MYL), is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of prescription drug products for the treatment of respiratory diseases, life-threatening allergic reactions and psychiatric disorders. The company puts patients first and facilitates efficient, cost-effective partnerships with customers. For more information, please visit www.mylanspecialty.com.

About Mylan

Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in health care. Working together around the world to provide seven billion people access to high quality medicine, we innovate to satisfy unmet needs; make reliability and service a habit, do what’s right, not what’s easy and impact the future through passionate global leadership. We offer a growing portfolio of more than 1,100 generic pharmaceuticals and several brand medications. In addition, we offer a wide range of antiretroviral therapies, upon which approximately one-third of HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries depend. We also operate one of the largest active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers and currently market products in approximately 150 countries and territories. Our workforce of more than 18,000 people is dedicated to improving the customer experience and increasing pharmaceutical access to consumers around the world. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself. See inside. Mylan.com.
Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis™ and Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis Challenge™ are sponsored by and trademarks of Mylan Specialty L.P. © 2012. All rights reserved. MYS12-8001

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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My blog has been nominated to the Top 25 Food Allergy Moms - 2012 list on Circle of Moms!

Please VOTE for my blog, you can vote daily until October 17, 2012

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Allerbling - Food Allergy Awareness Bracelet

Every year when it is "back to school" time, I always like to order a new allergy bracelet and this year I found Allerbling. I really liked the Allerbling bracelet because it was in bold colors and I felt it was kid friendly (3+ years).  We had fun going selecting the different allergy charms to put on his bracelet, they come with 8 charms but the ones we used were: Dairy, Egg, Wheat and Peanuts. Nathan is just learning to read but with this bracelet all he has to do is look at the pictures and he knows his allergens.  Nathan has been wearing it ever since we received ours.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I made this one on Someecards, it fits me because the classroom letter went out to all the parents last week about a child in Kindergarten that has a peanut allergy and the classroom will be peanut free.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten - Part 2

Today is Nathan's first day of Kindergarten part 2. Yes, I said part 2 because he is repeating K5. I think it will be good for him to do it again, his teachers recommended that he repeat K5 and my husband and I agree.

I saved most of his work from last year so I am excited to do comparisons on the same projects and see the difference. I would rather have him be held back now then to wait until 3rd or 4th grade when it will be worse.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Nurse Called...School Did Not Start....

Nathan and I were at home having breakfast when my phone rings and the caller ID showed the school nurse. I thought that was strange because school hasn't started and Nathan was next to me.

Well she was calling to find out what type of treats Nathan could have tonight at the open house. They are doing a camping theme at school this year and at open house tonight they were handing out S'mores packs like these found on Pinterest. I told her to only include the marshmallow for Nathan.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Party for Nathan's Cousin

Nathan and his cousin were born on the same day so today we celebrated Nathan's cousins' birthday at the park. It was a late afternoon dinner time party so they served some sub sandwiches that were delivered. Nathan couldn't eat the bread or the cheese or even the mayo so we needed to think of plan B. There wasn't a place to make food there so we had to run out to Wendy's to get him a plain burger (no bun) with fries. He was happy, he loves Wendy's. We brought left over cookie cake from last night for his dessert. He was happy.

He had fun at the party and found kids to play with.

Beach Party - Nathan's 6th Birthday Party

For Nathan's 6th birthday we wanted to do something outside, so we decided a Beach Party at the local lake by our house.

We brought tables and decorations (even a pinata with all "safe" candy) and set up a party. It was hot so the lake was a good place. The kids played in the sand most of the time and swam.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nathan's 6th Birthday

We went out to dinner as a family and just as I got to the restaurant I realized I left Nathan's Epi Pen and Benadryl at home. Home is about 25 miles away and we have been to this restaurant so we took a chance.

I couldn't enjoy my meal, I kept thinking about the Walgreens across the street...I knew they had an Epi Pen. I kept my eye on Nathan to make sure he wasn't showing any sign of a reaction because let's face it, if it was going to happen it would happen when I wasn't prepared. I thought to myself this is a bad idea and if it was just me and Nathan I wouldn't take a chance and just go home but I knew my husband would get mad and say "we ate here many times, he will be fine." I was so nervous through the entire meal, I barely ate.

He was fine....thankfully.

After we got home it was time for relatives to come and have cake and presents. I asked Nathan if he wanted me to make a cookie cake since he loves chocolate chip cookies and he said "yes." It turned out so good, and he loved it!! Everyone thought I bought it but I made it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Out to Eat with Family

We had some family come to town and they wanted to go out to eat to a nice restaurant in our area, that is fine but hard with a child with food allergies. I called around to some restaurant earlier in the day to try and find out if there was a place that was "safe" for Nathan to eat and it was difficult. Most of the people who answered the phone of course had no clue what was in there foods. I was just looking for a place that could make a plain chicken breast and some fries with no wheat. One restaurant said they had to check and call me back. By the time they called, it was too late so I packed up Nathan's favorite meal that I made at home and put it in his thermos. It was a great idea, he got to eat right away and I could enjoy me meal and not have to worry about a reaction.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

And the Winner is...

The winner of the book: The Girl Who Cannot Eat Peanut Butter is...

  Angela E.

Congratulations, your book is on it's way.
Thank you to everyone who entered. Look for more giveaways soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Girl Who Cannot Eat Peanut Butter Book

The Girl Who Cannot Eat Peanut Butter by Sharon Chisvin is a rhyming story about managing food allergies for young children. The girl gets upset because she has food allergies until she is reminded that everyone in her class has some different or unique about them.

I read this book to Nathan last night and he loved it and wanted me to read it again.

If you would like more information about this book or would like to purchase your own copy, visit the website www.allergypicturebook.com

I am giving away a copy of this book! If you would like to WIN a copy, please fill out the form below.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some Laffy Taffy has Egg and Some Does Not

I just gave Nathan an Allergic Reaction...not on purpose. Apparently, some Wonka Laffy Taffy has Egg and some does not.  The little ones he usually eats,  doesn't have egg, but the larger ones like the one I gave him today does. Good to know, too bad I found out the hard way.

After he ate a couple of bites, he started crying and spitting his saliva out and I immediately gave him Benadryl. Then he started coughing and gagging. I put him in his bed and then he vomited a couple of times, he was itchy, his lips were swollen, his eyes and cheeks were red and he started sneezing. Then he become stuffy. I gave him his inhaler, he said his throat hurt. I  was ready to give him his Epi-pen but he screamed NO! After vomiting some more his color changed and he seemed to get better. It was one of worse two hours of my life. I feel so bad. Why didn't I read the ingredients? I can't believe he had an allergic reaction and it was MY fault.

I Googled the ingredients and egg allergies associated with Laffy Taffy and I found other stories similar to me mine.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nathan had an Allergic Reaction

Last night before bed Nathan wanted a snack as normal. We gave him a cookie from the bakery that we have been going to every Wednesday for the last five years. He ate the cookie and immediately he said his tongue was itchy. This has happened many times from different foods so we did what we normally do and gave him Benadryl. He seemed fine and went to bed. He woke up about 30 minutes later and started coughing and threw up, a lot. This has happened when he has had milk and I immediately know this was a more serious reaction and there was milk and dairy in those cookies. Then he said his throat hurt. We immediately rushed him to the ER which is not even 5 minutes from our house.

They took him in the room and checked his lungs and all his airways and he was doing good.  His throat was still a little sore (probably from throwing up) and his eyes were really red and puffy. His skin looked pretty good, just a little redness. They wanted to keep him for a while and observe him, especially if he would have a delayed reaction. After a few hours we were discharged and went home.

He fell a sleep in the car and we carried him to bed. We went to sleep but I didn't sleep good at all.

After my husband and I talked about it, we now think we got the wrong cookies from the bakery. The cookie Nathan ate had egg and dairy in it and he was suppose to have the ones without. They should have given us the cookies from the freezer and not the ones in the case. We are going to take them back to the bakery today.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Idea from Pinterest: Sundae Toppings

This afternoon we are invited to an Last Day of School/Summer Kickoff ice cream party. We were going to a neighbors house and I wanted to bring Nathan's toppings with me so he could make his own Sundae.  I think the best part of a Sundae is putting on your own toppings (other then eating it). While browsing on Pinterest I  saw an idea of putting different toppings in a each compartment of an ice tray. That is 12 different compartments and I don't have 12 different toppings, so I decided to use a 6 count muffin pan and cupcake liners.

 Top Left to Right: Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips, Nonpareils, Chocolate Sprinkles
Bottom Left: to Right:  Marshmallows, crushed K-Toos (like Oreros), Rainbow Sprinkles

This way I knew I could keep Nathan safe without cross contamination and let him enjoy a Sundae. I think he actually had more fun making it then eating it.

Here are the items I added to his bowl before we went to the party.

Vanilla ice cream, Soy Whip and Chocolate Syrup.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Peanut Snacks at Baseball Practice

There is a mom that is from Nathan's baseball team that is organizing a snack sign up sheet for baseball.  She called and asked me first about what Nathan can't eat, but I told her to maybe just say no peanuts to the snack list - especially since his has been airborne. We will most likely bring our own snack because Nathan is allergic to so much- feels like everything.

The first night the sign up sheet was passed around and she told all of us parents that we should not bring snacks with peanuts and one of the parents said "No Peanuts?" and the mom said "yes no peanuts, we have a child that is allergic" and pointed to Nathan. We were called out but that is ok, I want my child to be safe.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Madagascar Movie Preview Party

As a member of the Children's Claritin® Mom Crew, I had a opportunity to host a Madagascar 3 movie review party on Friday night.  Nathan had some friends over and we watched Madagascar 1 and 2. The children enjoyed snacks such as popcorn, cupcakes and fruit snacks. They brought their sleeping bags and had a great time.

I made goody bags with animals, a zebra pencil, Madagascar stickers and fruit snacks. The moms enjoyed Children's Claritin® samples and coupons.

Madagascar 3 is out in theaters June 8th. Watch the trailer here. Visit Claritin®  for more information and coupons here.

All the snacks I served were Dairy, Egg, Wheat and Peanut free. I got the "Popcorn Cupcake"  (pictured above bottom left) idea from Pinterest and made it "allergy safe" for Nathan.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary viewing party kit as a Children’s Claritin Mom Ambassador.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week at school, it was "School of Learning" kind of like an "Open House" but at the end of the year where parents visit the classroom and see all the work their child has done.

A few weeks ago was "Teacher Appreciation Week" and the "class moms" made a poster for the teacher that had cute sayings using candy bars.
(similar to this one pictured below)

We did get an email explaining this:
The kids will be giving Mrs.________ a very similar version of this poster.  We have provided the supplies!  (I realize there are some severe allergies in our classroom so all candy will stay 

packaged and the kiddos will not be handling it).

I didn't notice the PAYDAY (made of all peanuts) candy bar in photo, but I did notice it in the classroom at school when we went to visit.

If you have a child with a severe Peanut allergy, how would you feel about this in your child's classroom? How far do I go with this kind off stuff. Do I want to be known as the CRAZY allergy mom? But at the same time it is my job to keep my child SAFE.

For my child, this is pretty much the same as having a locked gun in the classroom and they don't have locked guns in the class. Peanuts to my child could be as deadly as a gun to another child. They both can KILL.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Madagascar Party Kit

Children's Claritin® sent me a Madagascar 3 movie preview kit. I am hosting a movie night for five kids at our house. We are going to watch Madagascar 1 and/or 2 along with some snacks, games and goodie bags. I am having so much fun planing this party, it will be a circus/animal theme.  Check back for photos and an update on the Children's Claritin® Madagascar Party. Plus, I will be doing a giveaway here of a Madagascar DVD.

Madagascar 3 is out in theaters June 8th. Watch the trailer here. Visit Claritin®  for more information and coupons here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Bugabees New Book!

I just received my copy of the Bugabees newest book, The BugyBops: Freinds for all time, by Amy Recob. I love this book, it gears towards the school age child and I find it so informative, I can't wait to read it to Nathan. The book mentions the importance of washing hands, reading labels and simple steps to staying safe with food allergies. I can't wait to read it to Nathan's class and with it being "Food Allergy Awareness Week" it is a perfect time to do so. I think his classmates can learn from it too on how to keep Nathan safe.

If you would like more information, visit www.bugabees.com
Follow the author Amy Recob on Twitter @AmyRecob

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ice Cream Party at School

Today this note came home in Nathan's backpack. Normally not an issue, but to a child that can't eat whip cream and has a severe allergy to MILK, it becomes an issue. Here are my issues, first I wish there wasn't these types of socials at school, why does everything involve food? Or at least could it be popsicles so everyone could enjoy. Second, she could have asked Nathan to bring something that he could also eat too such as sprinkles. Third, if this an ice cream party, does that mean there will be peanut toppings? It is a peanut free classroom.

I was furious when I saw this note, then I posted on my Twitter and Facebook blog page and so many of my readers, followers and friends in the allergy community were so supportive and gave me some good ideas. After talking to my husband about these ideas, we came up with a solution.

  • Nathan will bring whip cream - but it will be SOY or RICE whip cream. This is a win win. He can still bring something and not feel left out, plus it is something he can also enjoy. It will just be very expensive, $5.99 a can x 2 = $12.00.
  • I will be at the school scooping and supervising the ice cream party. The teacher had already asked me when she asked if I would send HIS ice cream to school. My husband told me that if I see them serving peanuts that I should just go and talk to the Principal. PEANUTS is unacceptable.
  • I will bring Nathan's SOY ice cream and his own toppings. This will be chocolate syrup, sprinkles and GF crushed cookies.

This ice cream party will in a few weeks, I hope all goes well. I will follow-up to this post.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Always Check Ingredients in Medicines

I am thankful for a call from my pharmacist today. Apparently, the medicine that our allergist prescribed to our diary allergic child has traces of milk. I would have never known if they didn't call. It goes to show that allergens can be found anywhere, not just foods.

PULMICORT FLEXHALER contains small amounts of lactose, which contains trace levels of milk proteins. In patients who have severe milk protein allergy (not those who are lactose intolerant) cough, wheezing, or bronchospasm may occur.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Allergy Skin Test = FAIL

We went to our new allergist today to get a skin test done and if Nathan passed wheat then we were going to do a food challenge.. I came prepared with Oreo cookies because I know Nathan likes them and they only contain Wheat and Soy.

The nurse pricked Nathan's back with the antihistamine and then Wheat, Egg and Diary (not sure of the order). We didn't even bother doing peanuts because she basically told me he would never go out of peanuts. I am fine with that.

Within minutes his back turned bright in the spot where the allergens are and he started to develop huge welts/hives. He told us that he was very itchy = FAIL. I couldn't believe how much his skin reacted and still after all these years how allergic he still is.

In another year around his seventh birthday, we will do another skin test. In my opinion, I don't think he will ever grow out of these allergies, I can only hope for a miracle.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

We can go to a Brewer Baseball Game

I am so happy to find a couple of Brewer Baseball games that we can attend this summer. There  are 5 peanut-controlled games, the sections are specially cleaned and NO Peanuts are allowed.  They have a special concession stand that will not be selling any peanuts and even a peanut free gate and path to enter to get to our seats.  These special sections are for food allergy individuals and their families only.

We are going to try it, of course we will be armed with all his medicines and inhalers and will leave immediately if he shows any signs of a reaction.

Thank you to Miller Park and the Brewers for offering this to us, it makes me so happy!! My son who wouldn't normally be able to go to a game, now can.

The seats are selling fast so if you are in the area and want to attend you can order tickets online at: http://milwaukee.brewers.mlb.com/mil/ticketing/peanut_controlled_form.jsp

If you are located in another state, I just found this website that posts special MLB games for individuals with peanut allergies

Grass Allergies

My husband might have grass allergies, it hasn't been diagnosed by the doctor but I think it might be pretty obvious. He was mowing the grass yesterday and his eye were watering so bad, it looked liked he was crying.  I think he needs to start taking some Claritin®.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Delayed Peanut Reaction

I have heard of delayed allergy reactions but I haven't heard of one as severe as this boys story.  He had a reaction to accidentally consuming a small amount of peanuts while at school, an itchy tongue. But later, it was his stomach ache that made his mom pick him up and take him to the ER where he started having hives and his throat started closing. He was having a delayed allergic reaction and was having trouble breathing, they were doing CPR and he had to be put on a heart lung by-pass machine in ICU. It brought tears to my eyes as this story hit so close to home. I am so happy for the boy and his family that everything turned out fine and for the mother for her quick thinking by taking her son to the ER.

It was this news story that we watched on our local news a few nights ago that really woke up my husband to how severe allergies can be. I think it really scared him, he started asking me all kinds of questions about Nathan's snacks at school and that he (my husband) needs to practice (again) using the Epi-Pen trainer- since it has been a while since he practiced.

The next day my husband (usually it is me) reminded Nathan about his allergies and he shouldn't eat anything anyone else gives him without checking first, do not eat on the bus, etc. My husband and went over the Epi-Pen training, just to make sure he remembers how to use it.

Hopefully....I can pass this on you...watch your allergy child's symptoms and when in doubt, just go to the ER - I'd rather be safe then sorry. Also, retrain your family members, teachers, day care workers or anyone who comes in contact with your allergy child on how to use the Epi Pen.  It can save help save a life.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt

We hosted our first annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt today. A few dozen kids from the neighborhood come and hunted for plastic eggs along with snacks and juice too. The weather was beautiful , Everyone had a good time and my sister played the Easter Bunny. 

Next year I may add on the invite to keep it a "peanut free event." Some of the eggs were filled with peanut butter candy, I don't think all of the neighbors know or even remember about Nathan's allergies. Nathan and his friend traded eggs, Nathan gave all the ones with peanut butter to his friend.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs = Reaction

Every year we dye eggs for Easter, I don't ever remember having a problem doing it. This year was different, Nathan was writing on the eggs with white crayon and then putting them into the different dyes. We were having a good time and then I noticed Nathan started coughing out of nowhere. It just got worse and worse. I said to him "are the eggs bothering you?" and he said he thought so, but he wanted to finish. I gave him a few puffs of "his inhaler and he kept working on the eggs. Finally towards the end he said "I have to get away from these eggs."

Are You Ready for Allergy Season?

I am excited to announce that I am now a Claritin® Mom Crew member. What does this mean? Well I will be offered products and samples that I can pass along to my readers. Children's Claritin® provides 24-hour non-drowsy allergy relief and it is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Non- Drowsy Allergy Brand.

Symptoms of allergies
The symptoms of allergic rhinitis, which include sneezing, runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes.

Indoor/Outdoor allergies can be caused from dust, mold, pollen and pet dander.
Children's Claritin® provides 24-hour non-drowsy allergy relief and it is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Non- Drowsy Allergy Brand.
  • The only 24 hour, non-drowsy allergy relief brand*
  • Effective for indoor and outdoor allergies
  • Great grape taste
  • Indicated for kids ages 2 years and older
With seasonal allergy season starting, we are using Children's Claritin® in our house. Nathan takes the grape flavored chewable tablets and really loves the taste. We have no trouble giving him his allergy medicine in the morning.

For more information or to print a coupon, please visit www.claritin.com

*Among leading OTC children's brands.

Disclosure: As a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit. No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food Allergy Test Results

Our new allergist called today with Nathan's food allergy test results. There is hope, Nathan's allergies to wheat, milk and eggs have went down since he was last tested. Peanuts increased.

Peanuts went UP to greater > then 100, which is very high and the allergist says his chance of growing out of them is slim to none. I am fine with a peanut allergy because there is still a ton of foods he can eat if that is his only allergy.

Eggs, milk and wheat have come down so she wants to do a skin test and then possibly a food challenge.

Here are his numbers:

Egg was >100 now is 29
Milk was 13.8 now is 11
Peanut was 75 and now is >100
Wheat was 22 and now is 11

I guess that 3.5 or less is considered not an allergy, Nathan is not < 3.5 on any of his allergy numbers.

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Celebration at School

Nathan came home from school and told me that while his class was out of the classroom lephercauns showed up and left a gold chocolate coin for each child...except for him. He said he got a Banana Runt candy.

I was so sad for him, I can't understand why his teacher couldn't give me a heads up about this. All she needed to do was put a note in his folder or shoot me an email. I could have sent a gold $1 coin or if I had plenty of notice, I would have ordered allergy safe chocolate coins.

I blame myself for not sending something "just in case" but when I was in school we never celebrated St. Patricks Day. I guess I should just be happy that she didn't give him a chocolate coin with made with milk or nuts - right?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Allergist - Hopefully the Last

Today we took Nathan to a new allergist, she was a referral. It was more of a "routine" appointment, we told her what his allergies were (so no diagnosing for her), she asked us some questions, read his previous charts (from previous allergists) and said "hmmm milk looks promising." I don't think so but will wait and see what the tests say, I am not getting my hopes up. The problem with the blood tests are false/positives. I feel the only true way to know if he is allergic to have him eat the food,  but also his blood test numbers need to be low enough to even think of giving him a food - she agreed.

She then decided the best thing to do is a blood test from Nathan and get the results from his previous test and compare. We need to find out which allergies went up/down or stayed the same by the levels. We went to the lab and were told it would take 2 weeks for the results. So we wait....

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do you have a babysitter plan?

Kids with Food allergies posted this great babysitter plan that I would like to use when we have a sitter. We haven't trusted anyone to babysit Nathan, but now that is is getting older I think we are ready to try a neighborhood girl.
http://www.kidswithfoodallergies.org/babysitter_form.htmle Guide: Food Allergy Babysitter and Drop off Form

Food Allergy Babysitter and Drop-Off Child Care Form

Free! Download, print and use this form created for you by a collaborative effort of Kids With Food Allergies Foundation and AllergyHome.org, written by Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, edited by John Lee, MD. 

Guide to review key food allergy management principles and to inform other caretakers about your child's specific food allergies. Handy reference for playdates, birthday parties, and other drop-off situations.

"Created to help teach friends, family, babysitters and others responsible for the care of children with food allergies."

Quick Print Form
Quick Print (can choose black/white)
Full Color Form
Full Color (can laminate and display)

Dr. Seuss Week at School

It is Dr. Seuss week at school (if my child goes to school, he has been sick) and I thought these CAT in the HAT treats would be fun to make and eat. The best part is they can be made allergy free. I would use the KinniTOOS cookies, allergy safe white frosting and some red round gummy candies.

Found these on Pinterest

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Van's Natural Foods $1.00 off Coupon

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Van’s Natural Foods, based in Phoenix, AZ, is the market leader in gluten free and allergy friendly, natural and organic frozen breakfast foods. Driven by a company mission to encourage healthy habits, our broad range of products deliver superior natural nutrition with such great taste that eating healthy is easy. Van’...See More
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Allergy Related Death

It breaks my heart to read there has been another allergy related death.

Amaya Seraton an 8yr girl old from Maryland., she was in third grade.
You can read more here. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Wiggles New Allergy Song.

Thank You Dove Chocolates

I like to see companies that recognize food allergies. Dove Chocolates is one of them. They are processing chocolates in a peanut free/tree nut free facility. This means people with nut allergies have another choice for chocolates. We still have to steer clear because of milk allergies but this is great news for nut allergies. Read more here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Party at School

Nathan brought home his Valentines today and we went through them and took out all the stuff he can't have (Tootsie Rolls and Kit Kat) but at the bottom I found a bag of Peanut MMs. Seriously, Peanut MMs in a Peanut Free class room?? I am so mad right now, not sure how I want to handle it. I know his teacher will be defensive and claim she can't everything.

Monday, February 13, 2012

School Called: Nathan's Tongue is Itchy

I was sitting at my desk at work and my phone rings and it is the school and as usual I get that sick feeling. It was the nurse calling to tell me that Nathan is in the health room because his tongue itches. She said that he only ate some of HIS marshmallows at snack time. Do you want to talk to him? I said sure. Nathan tells me that his tongue itches and he doesn't know why. I said to him "Do you want the pink medicine (Benadryl)?" he said "Yes". I told him to put the nurse back on the phone. I then asked her to give him some Benadryl and let me know how he does." She says "ok." Luckily this wasn't a severe allergy attack.

After I got off the phone I wondered what could have made his tongue itch, was his faking to get out of something? Could a child sitting next to him be full of pet hair? I called back a 1/2 hour later and they said he was fine.

Around 2:30pm the nurse calls again to tell me that Nathan is back in the health room because his stomach hurts. She said it was the second time he was there complaining of a tummy ache and she checked his temperature and it was fine. My husband went to pick him up and they went to eat. Nathan was fine.

When I got home Nathan was still fine and said his tummy didn't hurt. He also said that this is what happened:  I woke up and I felt fine, I went to school and felt fine, I touched milk at snack time and my tongue got itchy so I went to the nurse.Then I felt fine. Then my tummy hurt and then I felt fine, then my tummy hurt and then I was fine the rest of the day." I asked him why he didn't tell the teacher or the nurse that he touched milk? He said he was scared. I told him that if it happens again he needs to tell the teacher immediately and to wash his hands.