Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mabels Labels

When school shopping starts so does the putting your child's name on everything!! I needed to label Nathan's new backpack, lunch box, water bottle, shoes, gym clothes, etc. I have a label maker but it just didn't work as well as these Mabel's Labels that I ordered online. They are super sticky cute little labels with Nathan's name and a little fire truck to personalize them.

My favorite Mabel's Labels are:
Sticky Labels and Skinny-Minis™ are dishwasher/microwave safe, peel and stick labels. These bestselling products are extremely versatile and long-lasting. 
Colourful Label Out Loud™ Tag Mates™ are laundry safe, peel and stick clothing labels that require no ironing or sewing. Apply to clothing care tags.
Allergy Alerts are durable, waterproof labels that specify allergies on items such as food containers and travel gear. As with all our labels, they are produced in a nut-free facility.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Field Trip

Nathan's first 4k field trip was today. It was just in the morning at a park and play museum. No food was was being served but a snack was. Earlier this week his teacher told me that she would bring one of Nathan's safe snacks and asked me if Nathan could have Juicy Juice that was being served. I said "ok, then I won't worry about sending a snack and yes he can have the juice."
After the field trip I asked him what his snack was and he said he didn't eat one. I guess no snack is better then a  "bad snack."
Parent chaperone's were invited on the field trip so there were a lot of parents that might not be aware of the Nathan's food allergies. I was at work sitting at my desk feeling very nervous. The next field trip date I am off and I will be going.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Before School Care

Nathan started before school care today and will be going 2 days a week for now and eventually will go 4 days. When my husband dropped him off the teacher (an older lady) seemed flustered when we gave her all of Nathan's medications. I called later in the day to see how Nathan was doing and she said he had a few tears, which was expected in a new place. Then I make sure she was aware that Nathan had food allergies and she said "yes" then finally admitted to me that she didn't know much about food allergies. What??? When we talked to the director she assured us that they were used to kids with food allergies and he would be fine. This really makes me uneasy. I don't drop him off or even pick up so I don't see this teacher or even met her. I pack all of Nathan's food and I instructed her not to feed him anything else unless it is fruit.

Now, I really need to go in there and show her how to use the Epi-Pen and talk to her about food allergies.

When Nathan came home I asked him about the before school care and he said it was good, then I asked why he cried then he continued to tell me that he had to "throw up". He did this at the other daycare too at meal time. He doesn't do this at home so I think he is having food issues. He did have a bad allergic reaction at a daycare over a year ago where he did vomit and maybe he still is reminded of this. It was very traumatic for him.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nathan's Lunch today

His favorite lunch is Soynut Butter with Jelly (today is grape jelly) on a dairy-free, wheat-free bread we buy at a local bakery. Oh and plain Lays chips with apples (not shown).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

42 Gluten/Wheat Free Recipes

I came across this E-book (thanks to Frugal Girls) that has 42 Gluten-Free recipes. Since we avoid wheat, this is a great resource.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kettle Corn from the festival

We went to a local festival flea market for Labor day, Nathan ate lunch at home, but at the fair we did get him corn on the cob- plain with no butter and Kettle Corn. I felt safe getting the kettle corn for him because they only make plain kettle corn with no nuts and there is nothing in the ingredients that he is allergic too. He loved his kettle corn so much he ate half of the bag in the car ride home.

It just brings me so joy to watch Nathan eat something that he enjoys and I know it's safe for him.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of 4k

Today was Nathan's first day of 4k. He goes half days to an elementary school - it is a big school for a 4 year old.  They don't get lunch, just snacks. I brought his snacks and treats for when they celebrate birthdays (there was one today). I stuck a sticker on his back that read: Allergy Child. Since it was the first day, I didn't want the teachers to forget about his allergies. The drop off was good, no tears - from either one of us.

When I picked him up, he was happy and said he had a good day. He told me all about their day and he got to eat one of his cupcakes at snack time.

In his folder there was a note to all the parents about a child in his class with a peanut allergy (Nathan) and that the class was going to be peanut free. The school asked for parents to bring treats without peanuts or nuts, to make sure they wash their child's hands after handling a peanut product and how to select peanut free snacks. I know the note was sent out because of my child -  the teacher told me Nathan was the only one in her class this year. I eat peanut butter around him, he doesn't have a reaction unless he eats it. He also has so many other allergies and egg is most serious.

I am happy the school is aware, but I don't want to inconvenience others.