Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holidays and food allergies...

The holidays are hard with children and food allergies. When we went to dinner our relatives houses, they put a side vegetables and meats before all the gravy and butter was added to them. I really had to watch Nathan, there were plates of nuts or cheese and crackers out on the tables and I had to watch Nathan every second so he wouldn't touch anything on the cocktail table. It was very exhausting. He did end up getting a rash on he wrist and belly from something he either touched or ate. I tried so hard to avoid any reactions. I did give him some Benadryl.

Nathan is also at that age where if your eating something, he wants it. It is hard because I can't give it to him. I did frost and decorate one of his sugar cookies so it looked liked the ones we were eating. He did like that.

He really didn't eat as much over the holiday, hopefully he isn't losing any weight. We need him to gain since is barely on the weight chart.