Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Soy Challenge

Today Nathan had his Soy challenge, we were there for over 3 hours and during naptime so it was a difficult 3 hours. I brought Soy Pudding to use for the test, they put some on his lips waited 15 minutes to see if he would show a reaction, then on his tongue waited 15 minutes, then he actually ate a spoonful waited, etc. He really loved the Soy pudding and didn't show any kind of reaction. So he Passed! Yay!! This is great and opens a whole new door of foods he can eat. He can now drink Soy milk instead of the exspensive formula.

We go back for the Oat challenge next in 2 weeks. His numbers for Oats is higher than the numbers for Soy, so there is a less chance of passing - but I am optamistic.

The Dr. listed to his lungs and said Nathan sounded good and is breathing good. His Asthma has gotten better since they did the 5-day steroid 2 weeks ago. He is still on Flovent and Zyrtec daily.

They weighed him and said he weighs 22lbs 2oz., but he was weighed with all his clothes on and his shoes, so I am sure his weight is really less. His height is 31 and 1/4 inches.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Close Call

Today, I was eating a sour cream chip dip and set the cover was on the table behind me, Nathan can't reach so not a big deal. But today he did reach the table and he took the cover of dip and started licking the dip!! As soon as I realized what he was doing I took it away from him. My first thought was get the Epi-Pen and Benadryl but then I decided to wait and see, I realy didn't notice anything!! I mean his hand was blotchy but it could be chapped. I don't know how much he really did eat but it had Dairy and Soy in it. Very close call.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Soy Challenge Rescheduled

We had so much snow today, they closed everything. The allergy clinic called and wanted to cancel the appointment and we said "no", we will still come in the snow. Then they told us to come eariler because they were closing. So we got there ASAP. We told them about Nathan's asthma and coughing alot at night and then they told us they were not going to do the Soy challenge. I think they just wanted to go home and used the asthma as an excuse not to do it. I knew we should've waited until after the appointment to tell them about his attacks. So no challege, just alot more asthma meds. The challenge is rescheduled for Wed. 2/20.

We did have a woman come from Birth to 3 program to evaluate Nathan today, she should have some results for us next week. We are mostly concerened about his speech or lack of it.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Who would have thought?

As I was looking at the children's Valentine cards at the store today, I noticed that they have these cute little containers of playdough that you can give to other kids as an alternative to papercards. Nathan won't be able to play with a can of playdough because it has Wheat as an ingredient. I do have a recipe of a wheat-free playdough that I will have to make him, just not the same.

Food allergies just don't stop at the food that he eats but also food that he touches.