Saturday, October 31, 2009

Got a hive Tick or Treating

Today was trick or treat, Nathan was excited, he was dressed as a bumble bee.
He went to a lot houses, had the most fun ringing doorbells. He got a lot of candy that he couldn't eat, which I expected and some that was safe.
At some of the houses people have dogs, very friendly dogs and they don't keep the dogs away from the trick or treaters - they are loose in the yard or are at the door. One of the friendly dogs licked Nathan's cheek before I could stop him or move Nathan out of the way so Nathan ended up with one big hive on his cheek. I didn't give Benadryl since it wasn't that bad.
Next year Nathan will be wearing a mask when he goes Tick or Treating.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine

Today my husband and I went to our county vaccine clinic to get the H1N1 vaccine. It was the nasel vaccine - Nathan can't get it, so we had to leave him home even though he is the one that needs it the most. We decided if we got it then that is one less way for Nathan to get the H1N1 flu.

Nathan is high risk needs to get the H1N1 vaccine done at the allergist office with the injectable vaccine because of his egg allergy and asthma. The only problem is the injectable is not available yet. I call the allergist every week to see if they have it and they don't. We are on a list to call when they do get it.

It just makes me mad that that the general public can get this vaccine but what about the high risk children and adults that need it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween party at school

This is a picture of Nathan with his friends at the "Allergy" table at school (there is a sign on the tale). The two girls that sit with Nathan have the same allergies except they can have wheat and Nathan can't.
The parents signed up to bring something for the Halloween party, I signed up to bring Guacamole and chips something everyone can eat and a little healthier. I also sent candy safe for Nathan for the tick or treating they did at school and I packed his lunch.
All day at work I kept checking my phone to see if they called because Nathan was giving something he shouldn't have, but they didn't. When I picked Nathan up they told me it was a good day and even one of the other allergy moms made something safe for Nathan but Nathan wouldn't eat it, he just wanted the cookie that I sent and he knew was safe. He even told the teachers he couldn't eat the other treats because they were not his. Good Job Nathan!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today he got the seasonal flu shot

Nathan got the seasonal flu shot in 4 doses today. He was poked with a needle 4 times, 20 minutes apart. He had redness at the site and the 3rd injection had a small hive. No big deal. He no other problems. Just a big bill and waste of time.

They were really nice and he had a good time, he walked away with a bunch of toys (2 cars, a ball, coloring book and bubbles) and even a really nice Shrek night light.

I am not sure what we are going to do about the H1N1 vaccine yet, it is so new. Then again I also worry about his viral induced Asthma.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lunch at preschool

Preschool called and said they were having chili and it didn't have nay noodles or cheese. Just meat, beans, tomatoes and seasoning. Everything Nathan can have but the seasoning has wheat.
She wanted to check with me because I had asked if they were having chili that morning and if I wanted Nathan to have some.

I think they know as I know Nathan's wheat allergy is not bad, so I think that is why they called. I don't think they would call and ask if Nathan could have eggs or milk.

I said sure, give it to him. I have been giving Nathan a little wheat here and there. It was just seasoning. No problems.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My husband gave Nathan wheat, by mistake

I ran to the store tonight and while I was there Steve gave Nathan some pretzels before bed.

I looked on the counter when I got home and noticed the pretzels left in Nathan's bowl were my pretzels. I asked Steve why Nathan was eating those pretzels? Those are not his wheat free pretzels. He said he thought those were Nathan's. Ooops.

There were no reactions.

Allergy/ENT Appoitment

Nathan had an appointment with the ENT and Allergist today.

First was the ENT, the doctor looked at his tubes and said they usually fall out by now and they didn't. They should not be in more then 3 years otherwise the holes will not close up. Spring of 2010 will be 3 years for Nathan and she suggests to have them surgically removed. She also wants to keep them in for the winter when most ear infections happen.

I can't believe this, just our luck. Now Nathan will need to be put under again to remove them. Another huge medical bill, just what we need.

Then the allergy appointment. They won't give Nathan the flu shot without testing him first by doing a skin test. Yes, the same flu shot that he has gotten every year with no problems (I swear they just want to bill us as much as they can). I really feel like Nathan needs the flu shot because he has viral induced Asthma and if he gets sick he could end up in the hospital.

So they told me they were doing a skin test of eggs, the flu shot, some other things. And wheat. Yes, wheat. I told her to do wheat while they were doing this test anyways.

And the results were......wheat barely showed up, he had a tiny dot where wheat was. Egg was huge, he got a huge hive where they put the egg and he had a little hive where the flu shot was.
I was so happy how the wheat barely showed up. This was good news to me.

They will do the flu shot but in 4 doses, 20 minutes apart. I scheduled it for Wednesday morning.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I gave my son noodles with wheat

I made spaghetti for dinner tonight and planned to use wheat free spaghetti noodles for Nathan and some regular spaghetti noodles for us. Nathan was so excited about spaghetti noodles because they are so fun to eat. Well while making his noodles I read the label and realized they were the wrong noodles that I bought, they had wheat. I went through my head, asked my husband what to do? Give him our noodles or make some wheat free macaroni noodles which are not fun for him to eat. I made the macaroni noodles and gave those to him but I also gave him a little of spaghetti noodles with wheat.

You know what happened after he ate them? Nothing. I looked over his skin, I watched his breathing, I asked him how his tummy felt. Nothing.

I know this is risky and I don't condone trying a food challenge, I would never try this with dairy or eggs because I know those allergens are very severe. I am not going to start giving him wheat on a regular basis. I feel like I broke the rules, I actually feel like a bad mom.

There.......I said it.