Saturday, October 31, 2009

Got a hive Tick or Treating

Today was trick or treat, Nathan was excited, he was dressed as a bumble bee.
He went to a lot houses, had the most fun ringing doorbells. He got a lot of candy that he couldn't eat, which I expected and some that was safe.
At some of the houses people have dogs, very friendly dogs and they don't keep the dogs away from the trick or treaters - they are loose in the yard or are at the door. One of the friendly dogs licked Nathan's cheek before I could stop him or move Nathan out of the way so Nathan ended up with one big hive on his cheek. I didn't give Benadryl since it wasn't that bad.
Next year Nathan will be wearing a mask when he goes Tick or Treating.

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Chase's Moma said...

People really love their dogs and don't think about them causing an allergic reaction in someone. I can't tell you how many times people have come up to my little boy and shoved their dog in his face saying you want to pet him! Drives me CRAZY! My little boy also gets hives where ever they lick him.