Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another Week

Thursday after work I had to rush out the this bakery I found that makes french bread that is wheat, egg and dairy free. I was so happy to find them that I set-up a weekly pick-up of bread from them. I also tried their sugar cookies and Nathan loves them.

When I was at the bakery this week, I told them that I need to find breakfast items for Nathan like muffins and they are willing to make some special muffins for Nathan and we can try all the things he can come up with. If this works and Nathan likes them it will be wonderful. I am sick of giving Nathan the same brown rice bread everyday.

I really get depressed when meal time comes around. Sometimes I just want to give up and skip feeding him, that is bad that I even thought that. I feel like I feed him the same thing everyday. I feel like I don't have enough choices for him and he is now getting to the stage where he is getting picky.

Today we take Nathan on his first Treat-Or-Treat outing and he got some candy and then I thought....every year I am going to have to go through his candy and pull out all the candy that has chocolate or any of the tootsie roll products (they have soy and other stuff) because he is allergic. These allergies really affect our daily lives. After the TOT we went out to eat with the in-laws and Nathan is beginning to understand more and wants to eat what I am eating. He wanted my french fries, I gave him some not having any idea what is in them, some fries have wheat and soy. I just prayed that he didn't show any signs of an allergy...he didn't. It was a bad move on my part to take that chance but I was desperate because he was starting to act up and he didn't eat enough of his food, I felt bad for him. Now I am going to have to hide my food from him if it is something that he can't have. This is true with ice cream, we wait until he is in bed before we eat some...this is no way to live.