Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Allergy Appointment, so MAD

So last night Nathan had an appointment at the children's Allergy clinic at the Children's Hospital and when I was checking in I had noticed the receptionist had an open bag of Planter's PEANUTS in the shell on her desk. She was eating and taking PEANUTS out of the shell at her desk in an allergy clinic where children go who have allergies to PEANUTS!! Here is what I said:

Me: Are you eating peanuts?

Receptionist: Is son allergic?

Me: Um YES!

Receptionist: Don't worry, he can't smell them.

WTH, what kind of response is that?? I said something to the Dr. later in the exam room and he said he will address it. I am so angry, I think that is a liability issue!! They have a sign about wearing strong perfume, etc. but nothing about eating peanuts. Some people are so allergic they can't even be in the same room as peanuts. Someone who works in an allergy clinic should know better!!

I want to write a letter to the hospital. This is unacceptable.