Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Bee Sting

While Nathan was playing outside at day-care, he got stung by a bee (or so they think). They said they saw a bee flying around him and he was crying, but didn't actually see it sting him. They immediately gave him Benadryl and called me. They also have an Epi-Pen for him, but he didn't seem to show any kind of reaction so either the Benadryl was enough to counter the reaction or he isn't allergic to Bee stings.

The poor guy was so afraid of any fly that came near him tonight. We were outside eating dinner and a fly came near him and he just freaked out. I hope he forgets about it and it passes otherwise he will be afraid to be outside.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nathan wears a Medical ID Bracelet

A while back I bought Nathan a medical alert chain bracelet, but it was too big and he really didn't want to wear it. Then I bought a soft cloth band medical bracelet and he seemed to like it, he is almost proud off it. I took it of for pictures one day and he wanted it back on, so that is good.
The bracelet reads:
Front: Food Allergies
Back: Dairy, Eggs, Wheat and Nuts
My cell phone number

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nathan’s 2 Year Wellness Check

It was a good thing Nathan had a doctor appointment today; he definitely had pink-eye and a cold.

He is doing well otherwise; he could gain a few more pounds. Nathan weighs only 22lbs. and he is 33 inches tall. The pediatrician asked about his speech, development and nutrition. Nathan understands most commands and knows what you are saying to him. He seems to be on track. Lately he is speaking so many new words and even a few short sentences.

The words Nathan speaks are: Hi, Bye, Ball, Balloon, Bubbles, Truck, Stuck, All Done, Mama, More (with the sign) Please (he says peas) and "I got it" are a few.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan

Nathan is TWO!! We made it a year with food allergies. When Nathan got up we gave him his birthday presents from us. He got:

Golf to Grow set
Thomas the Train trains
Leap Frog’s Refrigerator Alphabet Set
Shake N Go Race Car
Monkey T-shirt
Fisher Price First Glove and Ball set
Mr. Potato Head
Aqua Doodle

I really wish we could get him a dog for his birthday, he loves dogs so much. Maybe we could look into a non-allergic dog someday.

After Nathan’s nap we took him to Wirth Pool in Brookfield. It was a beautiful day out and we all had a great time. Nathan had fun in the pool and the fun sandbox. We stayed a couple hours then headed home for dinner. I noticed one of Nathan’s eyes looking pink puffy and gooey – looked like pink-eye.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nathan's 2nd Birthday Party

The day didn’t start out the best; it was raining hard all morning.

Then I was off to the bakery to get one cake and the grocery store to get another cake and a few other items. I chopped onions, decorated the garage with Thomas the Train and red and blue decorations. He doesn’t really know Thomas the Train he just loves trains and since we live right by a track, he gets so excited when they pass.

At 4:00pm the guest started coming and the weathered cleared up; it turned out to be a perfect day, sunny and warm. Nathan had a great time, all our family came. Plus his little friend Maddux – they are the same age. They played together at the sand table, then took turns riding the Jeep and played ball together.

We cooked out Brats and Hotdogs, for sides we had: Baked Beans, Chips, Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, 7 layer salad and a potato dish. Most of the food was allergy safe and Nathan could eat. I got him a cake from the gluten free bakery that he just loved, the frosting was really sweet. Even his friend Maddux who can have regular cake ate Nathan’s cake; I thought that was so sweet. As for the adults we ate an ice cream cake. I just feel guilty eating something that Nathan can’t have, he didn’t even notice.

Nathan got alot of great gifts. He got a BBQ bubble machine, Train table and Thomas the Train set, a Sit N Spin, Brewer T-shirt, Book, Bond and Money.

The party ended around 8:30pm, we cleaned up the garage and went inside.