Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nathan's 2nd Birthday Party

The day didn’t start out the best; it was raining hard all morning.

Then I was off to the bakery to get one cake and the grocery store to get another cake and a few other items. I chopped onions, decorated the garage with Thomas the Train and red and blue decorations. He doesn’t really know Thomas the Train he just loves trains and since we live right by a track, he gets so excited when they pass.

At 4:00pm the guest started coming and the weathered cleared up; it turned out to be a perfect day, sunny and warm. Nathan had a great time, all our family came. Plus his little friend Maddux – they are the same age. They played together at the sand table, then took turns riding the Jeep and played ball together.

We cooked out Brats and Hotdogs, for sides we had: Baked Beans, Chips, Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, 7 layer salad and a potato dish. Most of the food was allergy safe and Nathan could eat. I got him a cake from the gluten free bakery that he just loved, the frosting was really sweet. Even his friend Maddux who can have regular cake ate Nathan’s cake; I thought that was so sweet. As for the adults we ate an ice cream cake. I just feel guilty eating something that Nathan can’t have, he didn’t even notice.

Nathan got alot of great gifts. He got a BBQ bubble machine, Train table and Thomas the Train set, a Sit N Spin, Brewer T-shirt, Book, Bond and Money.

The party ended around 8:30pm, we cleaned up the garage and went inside.

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