Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan

Nathan is TWO!! We made it a year with food allergies. When Nathan got up we gave him his birthday presents from us. He got:

Golf to Grow set
Thomas the Train trains
Leap Frog’s Refrigerator Alphabet Set
Shake N Go Race Car
Monkey T-shirt
Fisher Price First Glove and Ball set
Mr. Potato Head
Aqua Doodle

I really wish we could get him a dog for his birthday, he loves dogs so much. Maybe we could look into a non-allergic dog someday.

After Nathan’s nap we took him to Wirth Pool in Brookfield. It was a beautiful day out and we all had a great time. Nathan had fun in the pool and the fun sandbox. We stayed a couple hours then headed home for dinner. I noticed one of Nathan’s eyes looking pink puffy and gooey – looked like pink-eye.

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