Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food Allergy Test Results

Our new allergist called today with Nathan's food allergy test results. There is hope, Nathan's allergies to wheat, milk and eggs have went down since he was last tested. Peanuts increased.

Peanuts went UP to greater > then 100, which is very high and the allergist says his chance of growing out of them is slim to none. I am fine with a peanut allergy because there is still a ton of foods he can eat if that is his only allergy.

Eggs, milk and wheat have come down so she wants to do a skin test and then possibly a food challenge.

Here are his numbers:

Egg was >100 now is 29
Milk was 13.8 now is 11
Peanut was 75 and now is >100
Wheat was 22 and now is 11

I guess that 3.5 or less is considered not an allergy, Nathan is not < 3.5 on any of his allergy numbers.

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Celebration at School

Nathan came home from school and told me that while his class was out of the classroom lephercauns showed up and left a gold chocolate coin for each child...except for him. He said he got a Banana Runt candy.

I was so sad for him, I can't understand why his teacher couldn't give me a heads up about this. All she needed to do was put a note in his folder or shoot me an email. I could have sent a gold $1 coin or if I had plenty of notice, I would have ordered allergy safe chocolate coins.

I blame myself for not sending something "just in case" but when I was in school we never celebrated St. Patricks Day. I guess I should just be happy that she didn't give him a chocolate coin with made with milk or nuts - right?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Allergist - Hopefully the Last

Today we took Nathan to a new allergist, she was a referral. It was more of a "routine" appointment, we told her what his allergies were (so no diagnosing for her), she asked us some questions, read his previous charts (from previous allergists) and said "hmmm milk looks promising." I don't think so but will wait and see what the tests say, I am not getting my hopes up. The problem with the blood tests are false/positives. I feel the only true way to know if he is allergic to have him eat the food,  but also his blood test numbers need to be low enough to even think of giving him a food - she agreed.

She then decided the best thing to do is a blood test from Nathan and get the results from his previous test and compare. We need to find out which allergies went up/down or stayed the same by the levels. We went to the lab and were told it would take 2 weeks for the results. So we wait....