Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food Allergy Test Results

Our new allergist called today with Nathan's food allergy test results. There is hope, Nathan's allergies to wheat, milk and eggs have went down since he was last tested. Peanuts increased.

Peanuts went UP to greater > then 100, which is very high and the allergist says his chance of growing out of them is slim to none. I am fine with a peanut allergy because there is still a ton of foods he can eat if that is his only allergy.

Eggs, milk and wheat have come down so she wants to do a skin test and then possibly a food challenge.

Here are his numbers:

Egg was >100 now is 29
Milk was 13.8 now is 11
Peanut was 75 and now is >100
Wheat was 22 and now is 11

I guess that 3.5 or less is considered not an allergy, Nathan is not < 3.5 on any of his allergy numbers.

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Haley said...

Great improvement on a lot of his numbers!!!