Monday, October 12, 2009

Allergy/ENT Appoitment

Nathan had an appointment with the ENT and Allergist today.

First was the ENT, the doctor looked at his tubes and said they usually fall out by now and they didn't. They should not be in more then 3 years otherwise the holes will not close up. Spring of 2010 will be 3 years for Nathan and she suggests to have them surgically removed. She also wants to keep them in for the winter when most ear infections happen.

I can't believe this, just our luck. Now Nathan will need to be put under again to remove them. Another huge medical bill, just what we need.

Then the allergy appointment. They won't give Nathan the flu shot without testing him first by doing a skin test. Yes, the same flu shot that he has gotten every year with no problems (I swear they just want to bill us as much as they can). I really feel like Nathan needs the flu shot because he has viral induced Asthma and if he gets sick he could end up in the hospital.

So they told me they were doing a skin test of eggs, the flu shot, some other things. And wheat. Yes, wheat. I told her to do wheat while they were doing this test anyways.

And the results were......wheat barely showed up, he had a tiny dot where wheat was. Egg was huge, he got a huge hive where they put the egg and he had a little hive where the flu shot was.
I was so happy how the wheat barely showed up. This was good news to me.

They will do the flu shot but in 4 doses, 20 minutes apart. I scheduled it for Wednesday morning.

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