Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween party at school

This is a picture of Nathan with his friends at the "Allergy" table at school (there is a sign on the tale). The two girls that sit with Nathan have the same allergies except they can have wheat and Nathan can't.
The parents signed up to bring something for the Halloween party, I signed up to bring Guacamole and chips something everyone can eat and a little healthier. I also sent candy safe for Nathan for the tick or treating they did at school and I packed his lunch.
All day at work I kept checking my phone to see if they called because Nathan was giving something he shouldn't have, but they didn't. When I picked Nathan up they told me it was a good day and even one of the other allergy moms made something safe for Nathan but Nathan wouldn't eat it, he just wanted the cookie that I sent and he knew was safe. He even told the teachers he couldn't eat the other treats because they were not his. Good Job Nathan!!

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