Friday, September 24, 2010

Field Trip

Nathan's first 4k field trip was today. It was just in the morning at a park and play museum. No food was was being served but a snack was. Earlier this week his teacher told me that she would bring one of Nathan's safe snacks and asked me if Nathan could have Juicy Juice that was being served. I said "ok, then I won't worry about sending a snack and yes he can have the juice."
After the field trip I asked him what his snack was and he said he didn't eat one. I guess no snack is better then a  "bad snack."
Parent chaperone's were invited on the field trip so there were a lot of parents that might not be aware of the Nathan's food allergies. I was at work sitting at my desk feeling very nervous. The next field trip date I am off and I will be going.

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