Monday, September 13, 2010

Before School Care

Nathan started before school care today and will be going 2 days a week for now and eventually will go 4 days. When my husband dropped him off the teacher (an older lady) seemed flustered when we gave her all of Nathan's medications. I called later in the day to see how Nathan was doing and she said he had a few tears, which was expected in a new place. Then I make sure she was aware that Nathan had food allergies and she said "yes" then finally admitted to me that she didn't know much about food allergies. What??? When we talked to the director she assured us that they were used to kids with food allergies and he would be fine. This really makes me uneasy. I don't drop him off or even pick up so I don't see this teacher or even met her. I pack all of Nathan's food and I instructed her not to feed him anything else unless it is fruit.

Now, I really need to go in there and show her how to use the Epi-Pen and talk to her about food allergies.

When Nathan came home I asked him about the before school care and he said it was good, then I asked why he cried then he continued to tell me that he had to "throw up". He did this at the other daycare too at meal time. He doesn't do this at home so I think he is having food issues. He did have a bad allergic reaction at a daycare over a year ago where he did vomit and maybe he still is reminded of this. It was very traumatic for him.

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