Saturday, September 8, 2012

I made this one on Someecards, it fits me because the classroom letter went out to all the parents last week about a child in Kindergarten that has a peanut allergy and the classroom will be peanut free.

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Sarah G said...

I just got a letter kind of like that about Averill's class. One boy is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, & legumes. It asked for us to not send peanut butter sandwiches if possible but to let her know if they were a "staple" for your child and she would take precautions like handwashing. I sent a note via email that I would not send peanut butter sandwiches or trail mix anymore (another child is allergic to coconut) but that cross contamination of her lunch bag/baggies was likely because I do pack those things for my other kids daily. She said the peanut allergy was at risk by ingestion only so it shouldn't be a problem. Does that sound right to you?