Thursday, September 20, 2012

Allerbling - Food Allergy Awareness Bracelet

Every year when it is "back to school" time, I always like to order a new allergy bracelet and this year I found Allerbling. I really liked the Allerbling bracelet because it was in bold colors and I felt it was kid friendly (3+ years).  We had fun going selecting the different allergy charms to put on his bracelet, they come with 8 charms but the ones we used were: Dairy, Egg, Wheat and Peanuts. Nathan is just learning to read but with this bracelet all he has to do is look at the pictures and he knows his allergens.  Nathan has been wearing it ever since we received ours.

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Haley said...

We have the same one for my son! He loves it too,especially because it is orange. We've had it a few years and I keep hoping soon we'll be able to take off some of his charms but not yet. He's dairy,egg,peanut and tree nut.