Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Delayed Peanut Reaction

I have heard of delayed allergy reactions but I haven't heard of one as severe as this boys story.  He had a reaction to accidentally consuming a small amount of peanuts while at school, an itchy tongue. But later, it was his stomach ache that made his mom pick him up and take him to the ER where he started having hives and his throat started closing. He was having a delayed allergic reaction and was having trouble breathing, they were doing CPR and he had to be put on a heart lung by-pass machine in ICU. It brought tears to my eyes as this story hit so close to home. I am so happy for the boy and his family that everything turned out fine and for the mother for her quick thinking by taking her son to the ER.

It was this news story that we watched on our local news a few nights ago that really woke up my husband to how severe allergies can be. I think it really scared him, he started asking me all kinds of questions about Nathan's snacks at school and that he (my husband) needs to practice (again) using the Epi-Pen trainer- since it has been a while since he practiced.

The next day my husband (usually it is me) reminded Nathan about his allergies and he shouldn't eat anything anyone else gives him without checking first, do not eat on the bus, etc. My husband and went over the Epi-Pen training, just to make sure he remembers how to use it.

Hopefully....I can pass this on your allergy child's symptoms and when in doubt, just go to the ER - I'd rather be safe then sorry. Also, retrain your family members, teachers, day care workers or anyone who comes in contact with your allergy child on how to use the Epi Pen.  It can save help save a life.

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