Saturday, October 6, 2012


We went to a parking lot by our house today that has a bunch of emergency vehicles on display, for families to see and talk to all the Firemen/EMT's. They have a fake car accident and then you get to watch the firemen pull the car apart with the jaws of life. It is neat to see when it is not real and no one is hurt.

When we came up to an ambulance, Nathan went inside and the EMT asked Nathan if he had any questions. Nathan said "no" and I said that Nathan has been in an ambulance before. The EMT looked very curious and interested, so I elaborated that Nathan has serve food allergies and that one time he was in an ambulance because of a food allergy reaction. He asked if we carry an Epi Pen and I said "of course, all the time!!" He told me that it is becoming more common and they see a lot of allergic reactions - not good. Talking to him reassured me that they are trained so if we needed them they were aware of treating allergic reactions. All I have to say is......hopefully we will never need them.

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