Sunday, November 11, 2012

USA TODAY Story on Food Allergies

USA TODAY has a story on the rise of Food Allergies among children and the chances of a child outgrowing them. Children outgrowing allergies depends on which type of food, when your child was diagnosed and how severe the allergy is.  Read the story here.

We are waiting for the day Nathan outgrows his allergies but they are severe. When Nathan was younger the Allergist would tell us that us that he would grow out of them when he was five or six. Well, he is six and then seem to have gotten worse, not better. Now we are just praying that he can out grow them when he is ten. I am not asking for him to grow out of all of them (three would be good) but trying to avoid four foods is hard. He will ask me when he can eat more foods and it just breaks my heart.

All we can do is hope.

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