Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week at school, it was "School of Learning" kind of like an "Open House" but at the end of the year where parents visit the classroom and see all the work their child has done.

A few weeks ago was "Teacher Appreciation Week" and the "class moms" made a poster for the teacher that had cute sayings using candy bars.
(similar to this one pictured below)

We did get an email explaining this:
The kids will be giving Mrs.________ a very similar version of this poster.  We have provided the supplies!  (I realize there are some severe allergies in our classroom so all candy will stay 

packaged and the kiddos will not be handling it).

I didn't notice the PAYDAY (made of all peanuts) candy bar in photo, but I did notice it in the classroom at school when we went to visit.

If you have a child with a severe Peanut allergy, how would you feel about this in your child's classroom? How far do I go with this kind off stuff. Do I want to be known as the CRAZY allergy mom? But at the same time it is my job to keep my child SAFE.

For my child, this is pretty much the same as having a locked gun in the classroom and they don't have locked guns in the class. Peanuts to my child could be as deadly as a gun to another child. They both can KILL.

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Anonymous said...

It's not even the equivalent of a locked gun, because it wasn't locked and your son or another child could have easily opened it.