Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nathan had an Allergic Reaction

Last night before bed Nathan wanted a snack as normal. We gave him a cookie from the bakery that we have been going to every Wednesday for the last five years. He ate the cookie and immediately he said his tongue was itchy. This has happened many times from different foods so we did what we normally do and gave him Benadryl. He seemed fine and went to bed. He woke up about 30 minutes later and started coughing and threw up, a lot. This has happened when he has had milk and I immediately know this was a more serious reaction and there was milk and dairy in those cookies. Then he said his throat hurt. We immediately rushed him to the ER which is not even 5 minutes from our house.

They took him in the room and checked his lungs and all his airways and he was doing good.  His throat was still a little sore (probably from throwing up) and his eyes were really red and puffy. His skin looked pretty good, just a little redness. They wanted to keep him for a while and observe him, especially if he would have a delayed reaction. After a few hours we were discharged and went home.

He fell a sleep in the car and we carried him to bed. We went to sleep but I didn't sleep good at all.

After my husband and I talked about it, we now think we got the wrong cookies from the bakery. The cookie Nathan ate had egg and dairy in it and he was suppose to have the ones without. They should have given us the cookies from the freezer and not the ones in the case. We are going to take them back to the bakery today.


Anonymous said...

That's so scary. Bakeries have lots of cross-contamination in them. You could ask your bakery to stock Divvies cookies. We have been to bakeries before that stock them.

Paula Schuck said...

I am new here. My girl is having a reaction this week to food we can't figure out. We think it could be melon.