Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Out to Eat with Family

We had some family come to town and they wanted to go out to eat to a nice restaurant in our area, that is fine but hard with a child with food allergies. I called around to some restaurant earlier in the day to try and find out if there was a place that was "safe" for Nathan to eat and it was difficult. Most of the people who answered the phone of course had no clue what was in there foods. I was just looking for a place that could make a plain chicken breast and some fries with no wheat. One restaurant said they had to check and call me back. By the time they called, it was too late so I packed up Nathan's favorite meal that I made at home and put it in his thermos. It was a great idea, he got to eat right away and I could enjoy me meal and not have to worry about a reaction.

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