Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We survived the State Fair

Today we took Nathan to the State Fair which we try to go every year. Before allergies we never thought twice about it. Every year as he is getting older it is getting more difficult, I am more nervous and have more anxiety.
First, the animals. Nathan is allergic to cats and dogs and once at the zoo and he pet the sheep and lambs he had a horrible allergic reaction so I didn't want him touching any animals at the fair. When we walked through the animal barns every 5 minutes I said "just look, don't touch," "don't touch anything." I did notice he was scratching his hands without even touching anything. When we went through the cow barn and how milk was made I was really nervous because he is so allergic to milk. He does love looking at the animals.
Second, was the food. I fed Nathan a sandwhich on the way to the fair so then he could just snack at the fair. It is so hard to find items that he can eat and then we worry about cross contamination. Our first stop was corn on the cob. I told the girl no butter, allergies. And she said she would take off her gloves that have butter on them and no butter would touch his corn. That was so nice of her and no butter touched his corn. Then we got him some french fries and I asked the guy over and over if they used peanut oil and if the fries were made of just potatoes, no seasoning. He said "no peanut oil, pure potatoes." We also got him a slushie. Then there was the food we were eating, he sees us eating foods that he can't have and then we have to tell him he can't have it, so hard!! So we have to sneak food when he isn't looking.
Nathan rode a couple of kiddie rides and he had fun and wanted to go on again and again. He jumped in the inflatables and loved to watch people

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