Friday, August 7, 2009

Daycare gave Nathan two pretzels with wheat

At 3:45 daycare calls me and to tell me Nathan ate two regular pretzels, NOT wheat free. She said he is not reacting and asked I wanted her to give him Benadryl. I said if he has no signs of an allergy attack then she didn't need too. I asked her to read the ingredients, "was there any egg or milk in these pretzels?" She said "no, there wasn't." I said "if you see one little hive on him (check his whole body) or any other reaction, give it too him and call me." She said "ok, we will call you if anything changes."

I arrive at 4:45 and Nathan is happy as can be and playing. He didn't seem like he had any ill effects from these pretzels. I said to the owner "are you sure he ate pretzels with wheat", "was wheat the first ingredient?" and the owner said "Yes". She apologized many times and said there had a lot of kids in his classroom and didn't exactly say if Nathan was given the pretzel or if Nathan took another child's pretzel ,which I don't think he would do.

I really wasn't mad, I told her she was lucky it wasn't a food that would have a more severe reaction like milk, egg or peanut. She said "oh no, we are careful". Um yeah.

Could it be true? Could his wheat allergy be gone, back in April we tried to do a food challenge with wheat because his numbers were down. Nathan just had another blood test done last night so I really can't wait to find out the results, especially the wheat.


Chase's Moma said...

That would be wonderful if he didn't have the wheat allergy anymore! I bet there will be SO much more that he can eat! (I have am almost 3 year old allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts and most other nuts).

Jeanette said...

Thanks for your comment. We are crossing our fingers, I will update when I know more.