Thursday, August 6, 2009

Allergy appointment

Tonight, we went back to CHW for an allergy appointment we haven't been there in a year or more. We have been going to a different allergist but feel she didn't do well with children.

We went to the brand new clinic that was huge and beautiful, just opened this month. Nice and clean and had that new smell. Well looks are not everything, they were slow. They were still trying to figure out stuff and there was a very few patients and we waited and waited.

Well, I really wasn't impressed with the allergist tonight either, he did so much small talk and talked so much about Asthma which has been a lot better. Then he was amazed that Nathan still had tubes in his ears, he wanted our next appointment to also be with the ENT. What about the food allergies??? I want to know about them. I asked him to do a blood test, he agreed and said to come back in October, October I don't want to wait until October. The blood test results don't take that long and if he was close to losing the wheat allergy then let's do a food challenge and get on with life. He said to call in a week for the results.

Why is this so hard??? Why can't I find a good allergist? My husband feels the same way.

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