Saturday, August 8, 2009

A bag of chips

We have a very nice neighbor who works for a local chip company and he gets free bags of chips. The other day he stopped over with a bag a Cheetos for Nathan and gave him the unopened bag. I then told the neighbor that Nathan can't have the Cheetos, that Nathan is allergic to milk and cheese and the Cheetos. The neighbor felt horrible and my husband jumped in and said "I like them, I will eat them." I told the neighbor that is was fine, you didn't know - if you want to get something for Nathan, he can have plain potato chips or Fritos."

The next day our neighbor came over with a big bag of Fritos and apologized over and over. I thanked him and told him there is no need to apologize.

I don't want people to apologize for my son's allergies. Really no big deal.

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