Monday, August 3, 2009

Nathan's 3 year Dr. appointment

Age: 3 years
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 25.5lbs.
Head Circumference: 14.9

He is growing, buy slowly.


michelle said...

my son has the same situation with Nanth.
He is now 16 months.
I brought him to have the first swimming yesterday.
After that his skin is gorgeous.
He ate a lot at dinner and sleep well,
I think it is a good idea that if he eat more than the nutrient will be enough for him to fight with eczema and allergic problem and also he will grow better.
For swimming, we apply eucerlin oil over his body and face before touching the water. And after swimming we wash by plain water and use QV atopic eczema oil to put in a pot to wash him.Also we use goat milk soap, that helps a lot.
I want to do that because the 'andofan' which let out when he is really happy will help his skin,like after we went to a park or swim, the damage skin always recover.That is interesting, isn't it?

michelle said...

Hi,My son has eczema and severe food allergy like egg,milk, wheat and fish ,chicken...
He is now 16 months and skin is better but I think allergy is the same.
Ifound if let him do exercise(swim or go to the park) and when he is happy or after exercise that 'endophin' makes his skin gorgeous.
Like we brought him to the first time swim yesterday and his skin turned great!! Before we are worried about the chemical things in the water will damage his skin but the doctor said if we wash him immediately and put oil to moistrurize then it will be fine.
so we apply eucerlin all over body and face before he touch the water and he had fun screaming bubles all the time and walking for an hour. After that we washed him by clean water and use goat milk soap and QV atopic eczema flare up oil to put in water and wash him.
I am so supprised that his skin turned great after that and he sleep in the car immediately and had a big meal.
Italked to my friend who is allergist that he said maybe because the nutrient baby ate had used to fight with skin or allergy problems so that they can't grow very well. I saw many allergy babies have smaller size than other kids so does my son.
I hope go swimming can help him because I has the same problems in my childhood and after a period swiming ,Ibecame healthier and no ashma.
My son doesn't has athma yet so I would like him start swimming earlier.
Iwill keep looking your blog and we can share the experience of taking care of cute allergy babies!!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for your comment Michelle. Where are you from?