Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Therapy for food issues?

At our doctor visit today we discussed Nathan's food allergies and his issues with his eating and food. He will come home from daycare and say "mommy, I didn't throw up today at lunch."  There are so many emotional issues he deals with daily such as: he has to sit at a separate table, having to eat something different as everyone else, or even being left out at a party.

The doctor told me that in the future it is very common for children with food allergies to need therapy. When you have a child that is 4 years old you don't want to think about therapy already.


Libby said...

Sometimes I think I need therapy for myself for myself!

As stressful as dealing with FA's is, it is sadly normal for our children. The things that make me think therapy might not be such a bad idea are that anxiety levels are (understandably) higher in FA kids. Also, there tends to be an increase in reactions during the teen years as part of both the "I want to do/eat what everyone else is" and the rebellious "I don't need no stinkin' epipens" phase. So getting them adjusted now might not be such a bad idea.

Can you tell I'm already nervous?

Mom to Food Allergy Kid said...

Libby, I never thought of all that and the teenage years where I can see this happening.
Thanks for posting.