Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peanut Butter at the Beach

We went to the beach today and I noticed a father rinsing a small child off in the water, the child just got done eating peanut butter and had it all over him. I knew this because I looked at the chairs where the family was and  the jar of peanut butter was sitting out.

I think having a child with food allergies makes a mom very aware of her surroundings. I feel like a hawk always watching and noticing other kids and what they are doing.

Is it just me or are all moms observant as me?


JaelCustomDesigns said...

I'm very observant. My two year old has food allergies to certain fruits and veggies and we've never tried peanut butter he scared me so much when he was an infant, I don't try new things with him. I had to alter my diet to accommodate him because I nursed him. The doctors still won't send me a referral to get him tested.

He also has asthma and eczema. I watch him like a hawk and all our surroundings. if I could put him in a bubble, I would!

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my shy thai said...

hello and now following you from MBC...

once I had my daughter I felt like observation was key! it is like our eyes become wider and our vision better because of little ones

Anonymous said...

I completely relate. We were recently at the beach for a week. I have radar when it comes to food. And yes there were people near us eating pb&j, ugh. And we were there first. Maybe nut free sections at the beach?! I also, like it there could be a ban on smoking at the beach.


Tammy C. said...

Yes, I am very aware of it as well. Its like a radar we have. I seem to be able to smell it easily too. We walked into the entrance at a Dirt Race track and immediately I told my husband there were boiled peanuts. I knew it before we even got through the gates. We proceeded in took a look around and peanut shells were everywhere. Of course we turned right back around and left. They were nice enough to understand and give us our money back. We have to always be vigilant especially with young children. If only I could afford a peanut sniffing dog to do all the sniffing for me! :)