Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please don't feed my child peas

I don't pack fruit or veggies in Nathan's lunch, the daycare supplies them (hope my money goes towards something since he doesn't eat their meals).This morning when packing Nathan's lunch for daycare I noticed on the menu that they were having peas. The least few times Nathan has had issues at lunch at daycare was when he ate peas. He usually gags and throws up, coughs and tells me his tummy hurts.  We discussed this issue with Nathan's pediatrician last week and she agreed he shouldn't eat them. We don't know for sure if it is an allergy, he just doesn't like them, or the texture, so I sent a note in his lunch box to "please do NOT give Nathan peas today."

Around 4pm, I get a call ( I have told them not to call me at work unless it was an emergency - they call me all the time) at work from the owner of the daycare to tell me that "Nathan ate peas and he loved them." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I sent a note telling her that I didn't want Nathan to eat peas and she stills gives them to him against my wishes. How dare her. This is a child that has severe food allergies!!! Then she gets mad at me and tells me that I need to send a note from his pediatrician saying he can't eat peas and by the state she needs to fed the kids a veggie - and if he couldn't eat them I should have sent something else. I didn't know this. She gets angry with me and tells me that I don't respect her (no I don't respect people that don't follow my directions) and I should give her my 2 weeks. I was speechless!!! I couldn't believe I trusted this woman with my child and this daycare. How can she just ignore my note??

At 5pm, I pick up Nathan, she isn't there because she talks a big talk and can't face you. I walk in get Nathan, get all his stuff and walk out without saying a word to anyone. Nathan is coughing and telling me he has a frog in his tummy. He said mama, I ate peas.

That was the last time we stepped foot in that place. I feel like I need to report this daycare. This is the place that the 2nd day Nathan was there broke his arm (needed a cast) and didn't get treatment, he also got nurse maid elbow on another day (didn't get treatment) and wanted me to feed Nathan wheat. I am asking myself why were kept him there just over a year.

It seems like ever since we told the daycare owner that we would be leaving in October (because we are moving) she has wanted us out so she could fill Nathan's 4k spot there, there is no 4k in that school district. She is greedy and money hungry.

Since we paid for the whole week and his field trip next week we are going to request she refunds our money.

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Christina said...

Wow! It's such a shame that you have to go through all of that. I don't have any experience with daycares, other than volunteering at one when I was a teenager. But my friend who has her little one in daycare recently had to move daycares because she didn't like the care her daughter was receiving. She managed to find a small home daycare that is licensed by the province (Canada). She says it's like night and day and really likes the new daycare. Perhaps you might be able to look into home daycares too.

As for reporting the daycare, I would do it and make sure an investigation is done. Doing so might save another child!

Haley said...

Wow, I am so sorry!! Glad you got him out of there. So scary! I am so afraid to leave my food allergy son in anyone else's care. Freaks me out to no end knowing I'll be sending him to Preschool next year and then Kindergarten. I just continue to pray for him to outgrow his allergies before then or if not for a responsible, intelligent, trusting adult to care for him. I hope you find a wonderful new daycare that truly understands the concerns and fears of a food allergy parent and child.

Lucy K. said...

it seems to me this day care needs more guidance about allergies and care with young children. perhaps they need to have some1 from a child development team to come by and retrain them on certain health issues

April said...

Here is my experience...my DCP follows the state food program. Lily has issues eating. She does not force the food to Lily. If she thinks there is an issue she will not give it to her (based on her experience or mine with Lily). She and I have really good conversations about it. It is not like the state inspector is there everyday, and I think if he/she was he would should be udnerstanding about food allergies.

Mommy Is Green said...

Thank goodness you took him out of that daycare. I can't believe they would ignore your instructions when they know your son has food allergies. Unbelievable! I hope you were able to get your maoney back. I wish you lots of luck finding an understanding daycare staff. Your son deserves no less! :)

Mom to Food Allergy Kid said...

Update: We did get our money back and all ties are now broke.

Theresa said...

Where is Nathan going now? And did the daycare give you a refund? Are you going to hold the daycare accountable for their actions in some way, at least in helping to educate them? Geez...this still really irritates me. Of course, i work in the legal field. I can tell you this daycare is first and foremost to follow the instructions and restrictions from the parent as it regards food allergies. For her to blow off your note b/c she is requiired to feed the kid a veggie is baseless. Sorry, UGH!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to you story. I have a grand dau/w allergies too. Eleven to be exact. Peanuts, dairy and eggs are among them. I just wanted to say to you that Peanuts, peas and greenbeans are in the same food family. Not sure if you were aware of that, it is the Legume Family. My grand can't have any of them. I was not aware at the begining of all this, but have a book with lot of info that is very helpful to me. The daycare blog is just why I and only I watch her while mom works. I am thankful to GOD that I can be there for my grand daughter and that he has not taken her from us.
Think your blog is a great idea , I will be back to read more as often as I can.
Keep up the great job here.
GOD Bless.