Sunday, August 15, 2010

BBQ with friends

Today we went to a BBQ at a friends house we met through the allergy group, I started. They have a boy that is a week apart in age and has the same exact allergies as Nathan. I am so thankful that they are our friends and the mom and I can compare notes and talk about food allergies. We have play dates and talk on the phone when we need someone who understands to listen.
It was so refreshing to be at a party and not have to worry about what Nathan is going to eat. They had allergy friendly food for Nathan and he and his friend ate the same foods. All the kids played in the pool and the yard and had a great time.


Theresa B. said...

What a blessing!!

Elizabeth E. said...

How cool. We just found out that one of the boys in Leah's new preschool class is highly allergic to peanuts. The mom kept stressing that and the teacher didn't seem to be as freaked out as the mom. The teacher has already had one kid with deadly peanut allergies. I was freaking out for the mom. I have had epi pen training. I am always so worried when I have someone with allergies in my class. I was surprised to see the teacher not trying to calm the mother's nerves >:(

Mom to Food Allergy Kid said...

Elizabeth, that is great that you had Epi Pen training. With all of Nathan's allergies we never needed it (Thank god), we just have to be careful.
Nathan starts school next week Wednesday so we will see how that goes.