Monday, August 30, 2010

4K Open House

Tonight we went to 4k Open House at Nathan's new school. We met his teacher and saw the classroom, Nathan loved all the toys and played with the other children. He didn't want to leave.

His teacher told us that she didn't have any allergy children this year but had quite a few last year - Milk and Gluten. It made me feel  a little more relieved that she has dealt with food allergies before. She asked me about snacks and birthday treats and I told her I had them all ready to bring in and that I had some candy and frozen cupcakes for Nathan - to use for birthday treats. She said she had a freezer in the classroom. She also told me that they offer juice at snack time since he can't have milk. He is only going half days so no lunch at the school, just a snack time.

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