Friday, September 18, 2009

I *think* Nathan had MILK

I *think* Nathan had milk is what daycare said to me when they called me at work around lunch time.

The teacher didn't see him drink it but thinks he did drink from a little girls cup who sat next to him. They gave him Benadryl and said he seems fine and they checked him over. Then I hear someone crying and they said it is Nathan and he scared because there is fly near by. I told them I will call them back after I call my husband.

I call back a few minutes later and told me that Nathan threw up 3 times. And ask me if he gets sick when upset, yes he has in the past. But this sounds more like he had milk and it is making him sick. I tell them to give him the Epi Pen. They said are you sure, then I said well if he got sick already is out of his system. I asked if he has any other symptoms and said I am on my way to pick him up.

When I get there he is resting and just looks like he had been through a lot. He was so happy to see me and wanted to go home.

I get him in the car and the owner of the daycare was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. She told me that she had a mother (who was there & who is also a doctor) check Nathan's vitals and he is fine. Also, she said they don't want to give Nathan the Epi Pen because if he really didn't need it, then it could raise his heart-rate. This is really not for them to decide. If I say give the Epi Pen then they should.

He is going back on Monday and I guess I need to have a new plan. I am going to maybe get some cups so that they are different then the other children and teach Nathan to drink only out of his cup. I thought Nathan was sitting at a table with another allergy girl but they are not doing that anymore.

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