Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The teacher calls...

Tonight I get a phone call from the teacher in regards to the email I sent (see post below this).

She is immediately is defensive and turns it all around as she was trying not to be wasteful and gave Nathan choices on what to use for his food projects. If the other children don't have choices, then I don't want Nathan to have choices. She went on to say that she was using the chocolate frosting I sent in a month ago - to use it up - before she would open the new white frosting that I just sent. No! Use what I send when I send it. That is all I ask. Let Nathan have the same as the rest of children. She did apologize. We went over and over on this topic but I just wanted to cry and changed the subject.

I understand it is hard to be a teacher you have all those parents sometimes against you and you feel the need to be defensive, I like her as a teacher and just have one request. Use the food I send in.

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