Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Email to Nathan's teacher...

I sent an email to Nathan's teacher today because when they make food in class Nathan comes home with different stuff then what they are making and I send the items in for him to be like the other children. I just want Nathan to feel normal. Maybe it is time for a 504 Plan. Here is the email:

Dear Teacher,

Nathan came home from school today with the decorated cookies that he made in class but I noticed they had chocolate frosting.  I am not sure why as I sent a brand new container of white frosting for him to use, it was requested on your ingredient list.  

This also wasn't the first time this has happened.  For the turkey cupcakes he had decorated a chocolate cupcake and not the vanilla that I sent (and you requested on the sign up sheet). I appreciate the fact that you asked me for white bread for the reindeer sandwiches but at the same time Nathan said he had chocolate frosting and the recipe you sent home called for peanut butter. I would have been happy to have sent soy nut butter for Nathan so his could look the same.

When I see you requesting different foods for the "math cooking" projects I go and find those items so Nathan can feel like the other children, this may mean I am up after hours baking yellow cupcakes or driving miles to get a food that is comparable to your request.

I hope you understand how important this is to us. I am always willing to send foods as close as possible to what the other children are having as I want Nathan to feel as normal as possible.

Nathans mom

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Lindsey said...

What a strange predicament! I hope the teacher listens. I think you were very nice about it, I'm not sure I would be so nice, lol