Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nathan Loves his Inhaler

The last couple of days Nathan has seemed wheezy so I have been giving him his ProAir Inhaler. Every time I give it to him he tells me he loves it. In fact he will ask me if he can have a puff from his inhaler. Can it be addictve?

Yesterday he tells me his heart ( he means his lungs) tightened up while at school and he went to the school nurse. He said she just put something on his finger (probably an oxygen monitor) and said he was fine.  He said he didn't need or get the inhaler.

I am not sure if he is now "faking" or "crying wolf" to get to use his inhaler. I think I need to start listening to his lungs.

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Jon Kuhl said...

Cute new look Jeanette!

I wouldn't worry that Nathan is "addicted" to his inhaler. One time I brought Beau in for a regular check up and his pulse ox was so low he needed 2 breathing treatments (equivalent of 16 Flovent puffs). He never said anything about having trouble breathing so I had no idea. But we told him to remember that feeling and from then on the doc said if he ever asks to use his inhaler, to let him, even if it is a few times a day. Asthma can get worse with age so he is probably learning what the tightness and shortness of breath feels like. I have had asthma since 1st grade. A lot of times you learn to "live through it", but it always feels better after taking a puff or two. As long as they are 4 hours apart he won't "O.D." Might get the shakes though ;o)