Thursday, June 9, 2011

Schools Out for the Summer

Nathan is out of school and done for the summer, the question we are pondering is does he repeat 4k or do we send him to Kindergarten (K5) and hold him back there. Either way we do agree he needs to be held back and even his 4K teacher agrees because she suggested it. Nathan is young a "summer birthday boy", the youngest in his class, he has some immaturities. But for mostly non academic reasons we want to move him into full day school (which is K5) and even more reasons because of his food allergies.
What does food allergies have to do with it? If he goes to 4k again he will be at daycare in the morning and the public school in the afternoon. We are more confident in Nathan being at one place all day and that one place being the public school. The public school has a wonderful nurse there all day that knows Nathan by name (and he likes her too) she is fully trained in food allergies and they have a good food allergy plan so that all the teachers and staff can identify Nathan and his allergies. They are willing to have his classroom nut free and we can request to put him at an allergy free table for lunch. They have a nutritious hot lunch menu that is safe for Nathan to eat everyday.
As for non-allergy reasons there is a "rest time" at K5 where they get to rest and Nathan needs rest. When he was doing daycare and 4k, he would tell me how long the day was and fall asleep in the couch at night.
We have a little time to think about our decision and even meet with the principle to get some insight.

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