Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is it an allergy?

We were over at a neighbors house outside and Nathan was playing in the yard. A German Shepherd dog from another neighbor came over and rubbed up against Nathan and he didn't touch him at all - the dog did sniff him. He also went into a neighbors house for a few minutes that used to have a pet but doesn't any longer. When we got him, I noticed Nathan's eye was watering and it swelled shut. So bad I didn't even recognize him, I rush to get some Benadryl and his allergy eye drops. It started to go down but all night he had a puffy eye.
What could it be an allergy to the dog or some say a bug bite?

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Caswell Clan said...

That is the EXACT kind of reaction my allergy son has to cats (to which skin tests show an extreme allergy). However, he does not react to all cats every time he is exposed. I've read/heard that sometimes an allergy can be breed specific (though I do not think there is a test to help us out with that) or some animals have hair vs. fur. Benadryl is about the fastest acting agent in such situations. Depending on the reaction, I even give a second dose after closer to 3 hours than the 4-6 label recommendation. Hope that is some helpful insight from one mommy to another.