Thursday, June 2, 2011

Benadryl Perfect Measure Spoons

As most may know when you deal with food allergies you always need to have an antihistamine with you at all times, well I used to carry the Benadryl Perfect Measure until the recall. I have run out and they are not being sold at any store yet, I even wrote the company. I have resorted to carrying a full size bottle and plastic cup in my purse. 

Effectively relieve your child’s allergies with Children’s BENADRYL® Allergy PERFECT MEASURE® pre-filled spoons — on-the-go antihistamine relief in individually wrapped, pre-measured spoons.


THERO said...

HI Jeanette,

YOu and I are in the same boat. I carried them in my purse because I travel a lot and i could place them in the ziploc bag without any issues with the airline. I found some tonight at the target in Minneapolis, MN and bought every box they had.


Anonymous said...

Me too..but with us it was the children's zyrtec... that was the ONLY chewable allergy meds without dairy in it. Now I like you have to carry around a full bottle and it doesn't make it easy for my daughter to take when she is on field trips.

Chase's Moma said...

We just use the Benadryl Fast Melts. Very easy to carry and convenient. We can ONLY find them at CVS though.