Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boys will be Boys

When I picked up Nathan from school today the teacher warned me that on the bus on their way to or from a field trip, Nathan and another boy were licking each others' tongues (they are 3). EEWWW GROSS, was many peoples first thought. My first thought was OH NO, what did that other boy just eat? Did he eat peanut butter, drink milk, anything? I panicked!! No one even thinks about this, no one mentions it as if it is not a concern. It is.

Then the teacher went on to tell me that the boy just tested for Strep. What??? I asked why he was there and she said he was symptom free that he was sick over the weekend and was tested then but the results came just came back. So my immediate fear of a food allergy attacked turned into a longer fear of waiting for him to get Strep Throat.

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mamaonamission said...

Kids do weird stuff in general...esp. boys, but this is more than weird. This is a serious health issue for all children especially kids with allergies. The teachers definitely should have been more concerned.