Monday, June 14, 2010

First T-Ball Game

Follow-up: I wanted to follow-up on my T-Ball snack post.

An email went out to all the parents about our team and it specifically asked if any kids had any food allergies. Here is the email:

If any of the children have a food allergy, please reply to all so those bringing the snack can be aware when selecting snacks. In addition, on whatever day is designated to you for snack or drink, it might be fun for your child to announce to the rest of the group that they brought the snack or drink today as it could be a good ice breaker for the kids to get to know each other.

This was my open door to reply to all the parents and tell them about Nathan's food allergies. Here is my reply:

Hello all,
My son Nathan has severe food allergies to Dairy, Eggs, Wheat and Nuts so we will be bringing our own snacks. He wears an allergy bracelet but I wanted to make sure that no one gives him a snack without checking first.
Thanks so much,

Nathan had his first T-Ball game tonight and after the game a mother pulls out Cheez-It's. Yes the snack that has dairy and wheat. No, it wasn't fruit or something that Nathan COULD eat. She goes to me "Is that Nathan with the food allergies?" As if she was doing me a favor by being aware or checking with me. Nathan saw the snack and all the kids getting a bag and asked me for some - I said Nathan, "You're allergic to those (broke my heart), I brought you a snack from home."

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Kari said...

That broke my heart to :(