Thursday, February 25, 2010

The March preschool calendar

Today I got the March calendar for Nathan's preschool and I instantly felt my stomach sink. They are doing all these cute themes for Dr. Seuss, St. Patty's day and Easter - that include food. Ugh!!

The first week they have a "Special Snack" for Dr. Seuss and making the "cat's hat". I will have to find out what that is and try to copy it in a allergy friendly way.

For St. Patty's Day, they will be making and eating a "Rainbow Bread" - not sure what that is but I am sure it has wheat. Don't know how to copy that unless I get the recipe and copy it with no eggs and wheat free flour. Then for St. Patty's day they will hunt for the "Pot of Gold" which they will find gold chocolate coins and eat some. Well, I can't easily make gold coins but I am going to look for a place online and try to order some if they make them with dairy free chocolate. I am sure they will be expensive.

Then there is Easter......the children are to bring in 2 hard boiled eggs to dye. Nathan is very allergic to eggs but in past he has colored eggs and had no problem so I will let him dye eggs again this year, he just can't eat them. His egg allergy is deadly.

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