Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Article on Food Allergies in the Wall Street Journal

An estimated 12 million Americans, including four million children, have food allergies—up 18% from 1997. But many kids whose food allergies were diagnosed on the basis of blood or skin tests alone may not be truly allergic, experts say.

I found this article on Wall Street Journal very interesting. Maybe my son can really eat most of the foods he is allergic too. What do you think?


Mitzi said...


As an 8-year-old kid I had a huge battery of allergy tests performed on me and one of the results was that I was "allergic" to eggs. I told the doctor he was crazy. I has just had eggs that week for breakfast. I just think they are definitely not 100% accurate.

Chase's Moma said...

You cannot base a diagnosis solely on tests. There can be false positives as well as false negatives. You have to also take into account clinical history, such as coming in contact with the food and having a reaction. My son tested positive as allergic to wheat with the RAST and he isn't truly allergic.