Wednesday, January 6, 2010

May contain.....

I was shopping today and as always looking for new foods Nathan can eat at the regular grocery store. His school was asking for snacks so I was looking for items he could eat. While I was in the cereal isle I noticed the cinnamon Chex cereal, he loves cinnamon and the box said "gluten free" so I knew it was wheat free so I picked up the box and started reading ingredients. Nothing was in there that he was allergic too and I was excited until I read the bold print stating that it may contain milk. What??? What do they mean may contain?? Either it has milk or it doesn't, what is may contain crap?? I guess they are really trying to cover their butts if milk residue from their other cereals get into this cereal.

I still bought it, no milk in the ingredients, but when I gave it to Nathan the first time I watched him to see if he showed any signs of a reaction, he didn't.

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