Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Allergy Doctor

We have been having so many problems with the billing department at Children's Hospital that we decided to take Nathan to a new Doctor who is in the Aurora network. The new Doctor is close to home which is a plus.

Today was the first visit with our new Dr. and she was running late, which bothered me. I am not sure about her yet, it was our first appointment and she was really blind-sided since she doesn't have his records yet. She seemed a little disorganized and stand offish. The nurses seemed nicer to him then the actual Doctor.

Our visit was mainly for his Asthma because he has had night after night of coughing. No one in this house has slept the last 3 His meds are not working and he does have a cold. We went over his medication list and she decided to change his asthma meds and gave us a RX for reflex. I never filled the RX for reflex, I really don't think the coughing is from reflex and I don't want to over medicate my child. His coughing did stop without the reflex medication.

She wants see us next week for a check up on how he is doing.

I am determined to find a good allergist that I am comfortable with and that is compassionate and good to Nathan. He or She also HAS to be in our Network.

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