Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Follow-up Allergist Appointment

Well, we went back to the Allergist today to follow-up on Nathan's Asthma and he stopped coughing and is better now, or until he gets another cold. Of, course she was late again and made us wait again and we had a busy day off appointments. This time see seemed to have more information and records on him and she was a little friendlier than the last time.

We talked about his weight as we do at every single Doctor appointment (these Doctors make me feel like I don't feed my child because he doesn't gain much weight) and she asked more about his food allergies. Asked If we had seen a nutritionist, etc.

Then we asked about when we could test and find out if his allergies are getting worse or better. And she said we could go to the lab and give blood today. We did and they had such a hard time finding Nathan's veins as they always do, so they had to put heat packs on him and we had to wait longer. When they finally found his veins and took his blood, he hard. It made me cry.

So now we wait for the results.

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