Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Party

It happened. Nathan was invited to his first birthday party and I wasn't prepared.

A little girl (his girlfriend) in Nathan's class at daycare, invited Nathan to her birthday party. The party was at a inflatable air jumping place.
We played for 1 hour and then went to the party room for a 1/2 hour where they were serving cupcakes. YIKES cupcakes and I didn't have any for Nathan. I felt horrible!!! I just wanted to cry. I dug through the diaper bag until I found a couple of animal crackers and the mother offered a banana and a gift bag for him (which had some fruit treats he could eat). Nathan was ok, he didn't seem to mind that the other kids were eating cupcakes and chips (all the kinds that Nathan was allergic too).

I have learned my lesson, the hard way - I will NEVER take him to a party without a cupcake!!


April said...

I think kids this age are pretty resilient to what goes on around them. I am sure he had a good time anyway!

Jeanette said...

I know, I am pretty hard on myself.